The Harvest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Great Escape

Escape from the crash site bunker

War Journal

Collect all 10 BB-7 Recorders

Level Up

Reach XP level 10

Killing Machine

Kill 100 Enemies

Scarab Express

Use the Speed Boost to hit 3 enemies at once

Juiced Up

Collect 1000 energy points from your fallen foes

Falcon EMP

Use the EMP to freeze 3 enemies at once

Line Them Up

Hit 3 enemies at once with the line laser as Raptor


Increase one of your basic stats to 50


Destroy the Area 2 boss - Enki

Good Timing

Hit 3 enemies at once with a Condor Mine


Destroy the Area 3 boss - Kingu


Destroy the final boss

Asp Wind

Attack 3 enemies with Wind Walk activated

Speed Run

Complete the game in 4 hours or less


Complete the game without dying


Complete the game with all 5 character classes

Plasma Battery

Collect 10000 Plasma