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Gooooood Morning, Blackreef!

Story, Unmissable,

All The Live-Long Day

Objective, Optional,

Survive all 4 time periods in one day.

Nowhere To Run To

Objective, Optional,

Take out an invading Julianna while playing as Colt.

Welcome To Blackreef

Story, Unmissable,

Chop Chop

Objective, Optional,

Kill 3 enemies with the machete in 10 seconds.


Objective, Optional,

While playing as Colt, cause someone to fall to their death.

Pieces Of Eight

Story, Unmissable,

While playing as Colt, kill Frank. Or Charlie. Or Fia. Or Wenjie. Or Aleksis. Or Harriet. Egor will do as well.

Dead Drop

Objective, Optional,

Absorb Residuum from a body - like some kind of temporal sponge.

Old Habits Die Hard

Forever Yours

Objective, Optional,

Infuse a Slab.

Sugar Crash

Objective, Optional,

While playing as Colt, use candy to gain a tactical advantage.

Residual Earnings

Grind, Optional,

Absorb more than 20000 Residuum in a map.

Cooking With Gas

Objective, Optional,

While playing as Colt, ignite a gas cloud while someone is inside it.

Didn't See It Coming

Know Your Enemy

Complete one AEON dossier.


Story, Unmissable,

Dangerous Liaison

Story, Unmissable,

Ensemble Tragedy

Kill each Visionary at least once.

Baby, You're a Firework

Story, Unmissable,

Bling Bling Bang Bang

Equip a loadout worth more than 45100 Residuum.

Don't Mind Me

Objective, Optional,

While using Aether as Colt, kill 3 enemies without alerting nearby enemies.

Spare No Expense

While playing as Colt, own all upgrades for a Slab.

Alpha Burger

An Offer She Can't Refuse

Judgement Day

Beyond The Horizon

Game Over

Death Is In The Air

As Colt, achieve 3 airborne headshots on enemies you've launched using Karnesis.

Dressing Down

As Julianna, disguise yourself as Colt using Masquerade.

Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: PAIN

As Colt, transmit damage over more than 20 meters using Nexus.

Not-So-Invisible Man

One Perfect Day

Silent Disco

Get in and out of a map without being spotted - and kill all Visionaries present.

Rip And Tear

As Colt, inflict a truckload of damage to Eternalists during a single use of Havoc.

Clean-ish Hands

Kill all Visionaries - and no Eternalists - in a single loop.

Quantum Solution

Power Chord

"Kill Frank using a Slab ability. Take a bow."

Mightier Than The Gun

Kill all Visionaries in a map - and make it to the exit - without using a gun.

Blink Of An Eye

As Colt, transport an enemy onto a mine using Shift.

Die, Die, And Die Again

Only The Guilty

Kill all Visionaries present in a map and escape without killing any Eternalists.

For Every Occasion

Take 36 different Trinkets into the field with you while playing as Colt.

Full Deck

Kill a Visionary using a full loadout, without any empty slots or sockets, and escape the map.

Nowhere To Hide

Objective, Optional, MP-only,

While playing as Julianna, cross Colt off your kill list.

Online only, you invade somebody else's game as Julianna.  You have to kill Colt multiple times until you take his last life.

Clean Sweep

Kill everyone in a time period and escape.

Deathday Suit

Kill the (mostly) naked character in each map.

Spoiled for Choice

All-the-things, Optional,

Infuse one of each type of weapon.

You must do all nine basic weapons plus the for unique ones.  You don't need to do each of the colored variants.

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Play It Again, Colt

After finishing the game once, kill all Visionaries in a map and escape.

The G.O.D. of O.S.P.

Enter a map with an empty loadout and kill all Visionaries present. Leave the map. Wash your hands.

The Spice Of Life

All-the-things, Optional,

Die every which way as Colt: Drown. Fall. Choke on poison gas. Succumb to fatal depressurization. Get blown up. Shot. Stabbed. Ground up. Fried by a rocket. Oh, and obliterated by a reactor. Fun, right?

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Violent Delights

Ghost At The Feast

You Only Die Once

Finish an entire loop while wearing a ClassPass.

A Charlie Montague Game

Prove you're a real gamer by winning Charlie's Wake Up Challenge, Reward Scheme, the Moxie, Haul-A-Quinn, and the Yerhva.