Cloudphobia achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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I'm 100

Earn 100 hits on 1 stage

She’s lost control Master

Defeat Stage #1 under 40 seconds

In a lonely Place Master

Defeat Stage #2 under 20 seconds

The Sword is mightier than the gun

Defeat any stage on normal mode with the Vibroblade

Disorder Master

Defeat Stage #3 under 40 seconds

No Fear Red Manta Ray

Defeat Red Manta Ray 10 times


Clear any level on any difficulty without getting hit

Mothership Defender

Defeat any stage on any difficulty without the Mothership getting hit

Itano Circus

Destroy all of the missiles during the Stage 3 attack sequence

1 Coin

Defeat the entire game without dying

Live and Die by the Sword

Defeat every stage using the Vibroblade

Ceremony Master

Defeat Stage #5 under 40 seconds

Just in time

Defeat the final boss in the last 10 seconds of the stage

Isolation Master

Defeat Stage #4 under 40 seconds

I'm 300

Earn 300 hits on 1 stage


Defeat the game without using missiles


Defeat Stage #5 on Hard Mode