ROGUS - Kingdom of The Lost Souls achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Lucky Shot

Your sword randomly hits a monster after you have been killed

Portable Singularity

Retrieve your teleportation stone

Home Sweet Home

Go back to the shadows


You know you can't resist it


Die 25 times

Slicing Machine

Kill 50 monsters with your sword

Death From A Dove

Strike a monster with "Hiraikom" while using "Feather of The Dreamer"

Can't Touch This

Block 50 monsters' magic fire with your shield


Get a highscore of 1000

Flame Thrower

Kill 25 monsters using "Reaper Chili Pepper"

Wood Walker

Turn into a tree 10 times using "Apple of Rage"


Turn into a rat 10 times using "Wheel-O-Cheese"

Fire Storm

Kill 50 monsters using "Reaper Chili Pepper"

I Am Groot

Kill 25 monsters using "Apple of Rage"


Fly for 3 minutes using "Feather of the Dreamer"

High Velocity

Kill 25 monsters using "Hiraikom Legendary Beer"


Kill 100 monsters using "Reaper Chili Pepper"


Kill 200 monsters with your sword


Kill 25 monsters using "Acheronian Sword"


Get a highscore of 5000