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No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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One for the team

And can you tell me please how to get to Sesame street?

Cat person

Because some people just want to watch the world meow.

Slav squat

And remember how to recognize a Western spy!

You've always wanted to do this

Hit the street and write 50 tickets.

Run Kelly, Run!

Who's faster? You or 10 shoplifters?

Someone should debug this game

...and you just did that!

Ice ice baby!

Just chill out.

Chasing pavements

I bet people love you after issuing 100 tickets.

Use the back door

Sometimes that's the only way. At least that's what she said.

Among thieves

That's why you graduated from Police Academy. To catch 20 shoplifters.

Fahrenheit 451

Who knows where it comes from?

Secret sauce

This is why you should look at ingredients from time to time.

Weapon of mass destruction

And still some dream about having one.

Raging Bull

If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win.

First time is not a crime

It's only a bribe if you're caught. Don't get caught 10 times.

Rated R

Tell them to volunteer. Tell to drop out of college and join infantry.

Compulsive ticketer

You love this job, don't you? That's what 250 issued tickets means.

Amelia Earhart

Could it be real?

Have a blast

Well done, Mr. Bond.

Sticky fingers

Take 20 bribes and be happy. And don't worry.

La Cucaracha

He has a large family to support.

AdiĆ³s Muchachos

Und Ich bin mit my friends from old times.

No heaven for you

He could have washed his pants, not his brain.

...And Justice for All

Sooner or later everyone pays for the sins.

Made man

Beginning of a beautiful friendship...

While there is still no wall go and enjoy some chimichangas.

Sword fight

This is for movie nerds. Who gets it?

Born to be wild

Lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our way


And let's see what happens. Will PETA intervene?


They accept you as you are.

Money talks

After 50 bribes, consider yourself an addict.

Gotta catch'em all

Stealing bubble gum is a serious crime. Catch 50 shoplifters.