Platformines achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Hit human character 20 times with bullets without taking any damage

Leeeeroy Jeeeenkins!

Kill 10 human characters within a minute

Arms dealer

Accumulate 250.000$ selling weapons

Eye of the tiger

Hit beholders (flying eyes) 20 times in a row without losing any bullet

Million dollar man

Accumulate 1.000.000$


Accumulate 250.000$ selling metals


Find a diamond in the mines

Well, that was high

Fall to your death


Finish the game in Normal mode

Al Capone

Kill 500 enemies with the Machinegun

Platformines craft

Equip the Creeper hat


Accumulate 500.000$ selling gems


Kill 500 enemies with the Pistol

Shotgun Master

Kill 500 enemies with the Shotgun

Born killer

Kill 2000 enemies


Kill 500 enemies with the Bazooka

Hardcore Winner

Finish the game in Hardcore mode

You're everywhere

Activate 300 portals

Treasure hunter

Open all the big red chests


Finish the game in Ironman mode