Super Toy Cars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Finish the tutorial


Finish 1st in a single player race

Fully Upgraded

Buy all upgrades for a vehicle

Steady Driver

Win a race without drifting

Ramping up

Unlock the 3rd episode (B class vehicles)

Fun with friends

Play a local or online multiplayer game

This is War!

Use 250 power-ups


Step on 10 or more mines in an evade event and win


Win a race using no power-ups

A Class!

Unlock the 5th episode (A class vehicles)

Long Drift

Do a drift of more than 500 meters


Unlock the 7th episode (S class vehicles)

Marathon Drifter

Drift a total of 42Km


Earn a total of 500000 credits

Win like a Boss

Finish a race drifting and boosting

Gold Digger

Collect 100 coins


Spend 10 minutes boosting


Take one Replay Screenshot


Finish the game in career mode

New Horizons

Play a custom track downloaded from the Steam Workshop

Fly Like a Bird

Spend 10 minutes in the air


Finsh all races in career mode 1st


Own all the cars in the game in career mode

Obsessive Collector

Own all the cars with all the unlocks in career mode


Finish first in an Evade event stepping on no mines

500 Miles Away

Race a total of 500 miles