House Flipper achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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First money

Finish first order

Worth Every Penny

Mind over matter. Money over all.

Alpha Male

What happens in the caves stays in the cave.


Do you even lift?


You know when you are in love you can't fall asleep.. It's because of... your always noisy child!

Just Enough

Live your life and forget the age.

Beginner gardener

It's time to expand my skills.

Family man

Family isn't just an important thing, it's everything.

Call me Edward

You can't hide from my mover.

Junior Estate Agent

Sell 10 houses


It's time for you, Mr. Mole.

The Survivalist

Remember: when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.

Artistic soul

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.


I feel this gardener aura inside of me.

The Tactical Prepper

Always be prepared for the unknown.


Fully complete every order


Bra off, party on!



Perfect Layout

Feel Shi... Fence Shi... Well, I tried.


Earn the first million euro

Doomsday Prepper

Better to prep 10 years too early than 10 minutes too late!

Estate Agent

Sell 20 houses

You do it wrong

Kill a cockroach with a hammer

Game Over

Finish the game

Car Mechanic

You'll need a car mechanic

According to the rules

Blue flower, red thorns.

Fully equipped

Didn't you forget about a few flowers between this sofa and carousel?

Knock, knock

I am the one who knocks

I'm Belieber

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

Give it some fresh air

Do not forget to take it before it starts raining.


Negotiate for at least 50 000 euro and win

Do it ASAP

Complete order below 1min

Wall Street Shark

It's business. Leave your emotions at the door.


I'm not a nerd. I'm just smarter than you.


Tell the meatatarians my last word is... Carrot...

Let's swim!

Water time!

Senior Estate Agent

Sell 50 houses

Don Quixote

Is this hammer even real?

Whole family

Must have: room for family gatherings

Oliver's way

Now we're talking

All the possibilities!

On the other hand…

Truly open space

Must have: lots of space

Greta's touch

This place could use a woman's touch

Time Warp

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Chimney sweeper

Can you hear it?

Homer's house

I will not click on the map


Fix them all

Beach please

Down to the last penny

Care to do something more with all that's left?

Modern solutions

Can't have a leak when there are no pipes!