Dead In Bermuda achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Craft a fire camp.

Snorers not allowed

Craft a sleeping area.

Yes milord

Craft some gathering tools.

It's a start...

Survive 7 days on the island.

If only we had a ball...

Craft a fruit basket.

Fisherman's friend

Craft a fishing rod.

How did we make it this far?!

Survive 14 days on the island.

NSA records

Discover all the traits of a character.


Have 2 characters with a relationship score of 100 (= they both have 100 opinion on each other).


Have a character with one skill maxed (100).


Explore 25% of the island.

I could eat a shoe

A character died from Hunger.

Don't scratch the bottom

Craft a cooking pot.

He just needs some time alone

A character died from Depression.


A character died from Fatigue.

Robin would!

Craft a hunting bow.

You can't stop progress

Research every crafting recipe.

Playing doctor

Craft an infirmary.


Explore 50% of the island.

I've lost count...

Survive 50 days on the island.

Jerky time!

Craft a meat dryer.


Explore 75% of the island.

Cold night

A night without fire is a harsh night...

Here comes the rescue

Complete the game.


Explore 100% of the island.


Have 2 characters with a relationship score of -100 (= they both have -100 opinion on each other).

Just a flu

A character died from Sickness.

There is no respect anymore...

Relieve yourself on sacred ground.

We care for each other

Complete the game with all the characters alive.

Bad Romance

Flirting to obtain something is an old technique.

Such a wimp

A character died from Injury.

Feels like home

Survive 100 days on the island.


Can you feel the love tonight?

Tango down!

Fulfill a spy's mission.

There can be only one!

Complete the game with only 1 character alive.

Collateral damage

The real enemy is not always the obvious one.