Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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100 Fruits

Harvested 100 Fruits.

300 Fruits

Harvested 300 Fruits.

100 Units of Meat

Collected 100 units of mincemeat.

500 Units of Meat

Collected 500 units of mincemeat.

1000 Fruits

Harvested 1000 Fruits.

1000 Units of Meat

Collected 1000 units of mincemeat.

100 Pickled Organs

Collected 100 pickled organs.

Increase and Decrease

Saw all story events with the stoats.

A Boy and His Doll

Saw all story events with the boy and his doll.

Failure and Success

Saw all story events with the witch.

1000 Hearts

Harvested 1000 Hearts.

A Girl and Her Cat

Saw all story events with the girl and her cat.

3000 Fruits

Harvested 3000 Fruits.

Master and Apprentice

Saw the ending.

Frogs Everywhere

Purchase 30 Frogs.

500 Pickled Organs

Collected 500 pickled organs.

Artificiality and Nature

Saw all story events with the villager.

1000 Kidneys

Harvested 1000 Kidneys.

Dam Can

Raise the Watering Can to level 100.

Moles Everywhere

Purchase 30 Moles.

Sickness and Temptation

Saw all story events with the sickly boy.

Confidence and Overconfidence

Saw all story events with the doctor.

1000 Colons

Harvested 1000 Colons.

1000 Pickled Organs

Collected 1000 pickled organs.

100 Units of Sap

Collect sap 100 times.

1000 Stomachs

Harvested 1000 Stomachs.

Colon Heaven

Raise the Colon tree to level 100.

Woodpeckers Everywhere

Purchase 30 Woodpeckers.

Butterflies Everywhere

Purchase 30 Butterflies.

1000 Livers

Harvested 1000 Livers.

Kidney Heaven

Raise the Kidney tree to level 100.

Liver Heaven

Raise the Liver tree to level 100.

Stomach Heaven

Raise the Stomach tree to level 100.

Heart Heaven

Raise the Heart tree to level 100.

Rest Heaven

Raise the Tranquilade to level 100.

10000 Fruits

Harvested 10000 Fruits.

200 Units of Sap

Collect sap 200 times.

Lizards Everywhere

Purchase 30 Lizards.

Mincemeat Heaven

Raise the Meat Grinder to level 100.

Homunculi Everywhere

Purchase 30 Homunculi

Research and Development

Saw all story events with the merchant.

500 Units of Sap

Collect sap 500 times.

30000 Fruits

Harvested 30000 Fruits.

Past and Future

Saw the true ending.