Enemy Mind achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Beep Beep!


Destroy 100 Enemies

Leap of Faith

Empathic Conditioning

Complete Level 1


Destroy 500 Enemies


Complete Level 2


Destroy 1000 Enemies

Two Birds, One Stone

Destroy Two Enemies While in an Asteroid

Among the Ruins

Complete Level 3

Air Control

Kill 50 enemies as a Scuttler

Brain Drain

Leave 10 ships with no ammo in a single wave


Complete Level 4

Counter Strike

Complete Level 5


Kill a ship with every shot in the Vic


Take over the unknown ship

The Seeker

Destroy 50 ships with Heat-Seeking Missles

Lost Cause

Complete Level 6


Destroy 5000 Enemies

Clear Conscience

Stone Cold

Take out 5 ships while in an asteroid

Mountains of Madness

Complete Level 7


Complete Level 8

A Poisoned Task

Avenge the Aratus

Mission Complete

Defend Humanity

Snake Eater

Destroy Ouroboros in under 30 seconds

Mr. Dodger’s Neighborhood

Beat a level without being hit


Make it through all 8 levels in one session

God Tier

Get over 10,000,000 points in a single run


Destroy Goliath in under 30 seconds

Red Rum

Destroy Ikiryo in under a minute

Corporate Sabotage

Destroy the Schell Games logo

Parasite for Sore Eyes

Kill 20 Enemies in a Single Aratus Parasite

Gone Home

Death Incarnate

Destroy 100000 Enemies