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No missable achievements (plus 205 unknown)

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Enter the Dungeon

Descend to level 1 of the dungeon.

Throw Me The Whip!

Get crushed by a boulder.

Twisty Passages

Escape the mines.

Jungle Fever

Escape the swamp.

Thanks, Mr Skeltal

Find the mystical axe, Parashu.

Natural Born Leader

Convince at least three NPCs to follow you at once.


Escape the sand labyrinth.

Angel of Death

Perform a fatal stealth attack on an enemy that is attacking another player or allied NPC.

King Arthur's Blade

Find King Arthur's mystical sword, Dyrnwyn.

Tricks and Traps

Discover the trap-infested Temple in the swamp.

Spud Lord

Find the mystical talking mace, Sharur.

Robbing the Cradle

Loot the Haunted Castle and escape with your life.

Not a Team Player

Kill another player.


Escape from the Gnomish Mines.

That boulder moved itself!

Kill an ally player with a pushed boulder.

You Were the Chosen One!

Die while equipped with a Legendary item.

Born Again

Survive instant death with an amulet of life saving.

One Man's Trash

Theseus' Legacy

Escape from the Minotaur Maze.

Spear of Destiny

Find Odin's legendary spear, Gungnir.

Thank the Tank

Have an allied player or NPC kill an enemy that you are Blocking.

Lich Hunter

Find and defeat Baron Herx in his lair.

Puzzle Master

Unravel the mystery of Sokoban.

Right to Refuse

Get chased out of a shop because you're a monster.

Let There Be Strobe

Exploit the Light spell by casting it 20 times in a single minute.

Filthy Rich

Obtain 10,000 gold.

The Rhythm of the Knight

Perform a Block, Attack tradeoff 3 times against a single foe without taking an unblocked hit.


Pick up an item that an Incubus or Succubus stole from you.

Heal Bot

Heal 1000 points of Player or Allied NPC hit points in a single playthrough.

Evil Incarnate

Find and defeat the Baphomet.

Know Thyself

Kill a Shadow who is mimicking your identity.

Don't Forget to Bring a Towel!

Use a towel to stop bleeding, clean pie off your face, and wipe grease from your hands.


Escape the Caves.

Homicidal Maniac

Kill at least 10 humans in a single game.

Local Customs

Start a game with a Workshop or local mod file loaded.

Tempt Fate

Eat Tomalley shortly after vomiting.


In Greater Numbers

Win the game with at least two players alive.


Launch the Barony level editor.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Gain 50+ Levels of Swimming with Hunger turned off.

Monster Squad

Play a game with 3 or more players where everyone is a monster.

Cult Following

Exit the Cockatrice's Lair.

Well Prepared

Have 3 Mystic Orb effects active simultaneously.

Spice of Life

Start at least one game with every class.

Magic Mastery

Learn 20 Spells.

Troll's Blood

Gain extra Health Regeneration from two sources simultaneously.

Thick Skull

Kill a Scarab using a magic spell.

...Will Always Be Waiting

Skeleton Crew

Summon two Skeleton Familiars at once.

Despair Has Its Own Calms

Exit Bram's Castle.

Professional Burglar

Kill at least 3 shopkeepers in one game.

Second Chance

Revive yourself by expending your mana as a skeleton.

Sitting Duck

Kill 10 enemies while they are paralyzed or ensnared in a single playthrough.


Return to Hamlet with a human NPC ally.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Identify 50 pieces of Worthless Glass throughout multiple playthroughs.

Makes Your Blood Boil

Discover the effects of water as a true Vampire.

Earn This

Give a Legendary item to an Allied NPC.

I Am the One Who Knocks

Tank a minotaur's attack and take no damage from it without blocking.

Muscle Memory

Eat food when polymorphed into a human as a true Skeleton.

Off Limits

Attempt to charm a monster that cannot be tamed.

Maybe It'll Be Different

Vegetarian Conduct

Win the game without having eaten any tins, meat, or fish.

Hot Shower

Use a sink or fountain to extinguish flames.

Squad Ghouls

Recruit four ghouls at once as a skeleton.

Stuck On You

Have a fountain bless your equipment as a true Succubus.

Pity Friend

Recruit a human ally as a monster.

Uh... What Now?


Throw Sharur into a pit.

Foodless Conduct

Win the game without eating any food.

Bad Romance

Recruit two incubi or succubi sumultaneously as a true Succubus.


Kill a Minotaur after encountering Herx.

You'll Thank Me Later

Throw a Healing or Extra Healing potion at another Player or allied NPC.


Survive 150 damage or more taken from a single attack.

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Negative Review for MLP

Bad & Beautiful

Equip 4 cursed items at once as a true Incubus or Succubus

Well Read

Find and read all of the books.

Super Shredder

Recycle items into 1000 units of Scrap and Essence using Tinkering Toolkits


Throw booze at another character while you are under its effects

Gifts From the Eternals

Obtain and wear a full set of Artifact Armor.

Flutter Shy

Gain access to an otherwise inaccessible area of the level by using Flutter

Scales In Your Favor

Assassinate a Cockatrice.


Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Automaton and Skeleton are in the party

Illiterate Conduct

Win the game without having read any books, scrolls, or spellbooks.

Boots of Speed

Win the game in under 20 minutes.


Have 2 Dominated Crystal Golems under your leadership.

Free Refills

Fill 50 empty bottles from sinks or fountains.

Your Own Worst Enemy

'Tis But a Scratch!

Defeat a powerful enemy with no more than 5 hit points remaining.

Trash Compactor

Consume 100 scrap as a true Automaton

A Life for a Life

Sacrifice your entire health pool to Dominate an enemy and survive it.


Give an item to an Allied Automaton to recycle.

In The Mix

Brew 50 potions using an Alembic.

I'm Taking You With Me

Kill an enemy after you are dead using poison, fire, or tinkered traps

Cock Block

Block and take no damage against a Cockatrice's melee attack.

Penniless Conduct

Win the game without collecting any gold.


Gain 100 Scrap from salvaging torches

Master Mixologist

Learn all of the base and secondary alchemy ingredients.

Tribe & Subscribe

Recruit 4 Goblins as a true Goblin


Dominate an NPC that is already allied to you.

Last Resort

Destroy a boulder using Digging or a Pickaxe while it's rolling toward you.

Machine Head

Have a crossbow sentry, magic sentry and gyrocopter all active at once


Accumulate 10 minutes of playtime with a superheated boiler as a true Automaton


Recruit a confused or drunk human as a true Succubus.

One Punch Man

Paralyze a monster with Legendary Unarmed skill.

Faces of Death

Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a Shaman and Conjurer are in the party

Yes We Can!

Eat 10 tins of food in a single playthrough.

Arcane Link

Gain extra Mana Regeneration from two sources simultaneously.


Hold a +10 Weapon.

Bony Baron

Escape the Citadel playing as a true Skeleton of any class


Kill an enemy within 1 second of it teleporting


Obtain 100,000 gold.

Did You See That?!

Kill a monster with a shuriken after it has twice bounced off a wall.

Blood Vessels

Accumulate 20 vials of blood at one time as a true Vampire.


Use a Mirror Shield to kill an enemy using its own reflected spell.

Turn Undead

Escape the Citadel playing as the Conjurer class of any race.

Caught in a Mosh

Have at least 4 sentries target the same monster at once

Kill Command

Have your charmed allies kill 50 enemies.

Bait and Switch

Teleport while an enemy is attacking you in melee combat as a true Succubus.

My Rich Alter-Ego

As a monster, trade 50,000 gold while under the effects of Polymorph across all your games.


Recruit a Young Vampire as a vampire.

Cold Blooded

Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Vampire and an Insectoid are in the party


Consume 50 non-magical book or scrolls as a true Automaton over the course of multiple playthroughs


Equip Funny Bones' weapon and cloak with no other equipment as a skeleton.


Find extra potions from fountains 20 times as a true goatman.


Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Goatman and Goblin are in the party

Pimpin Ain't Easy

Recruit a total of 6 Succubus, Incubus or Humans as a true Incubus or Succubus

Bucktooth Baron

Escape the Citadel playing as a true Vampire of any class.

Bone to Pick

Have a summoned familiar reach level 35.

External Battery

Relinquish the soul of a summoned familiar while you have zero MP.

Bad Blood

Lifesteal 500 HP from unarmed sneak-attack kills as an Accursed True Vampire.

Blood Runs Clear

Reach Legendary Stealth while playing as the Accursed class.

Rust In Peace

Reverse This Curse

Find a cure for the Accursed class.

Fell Beast

Do a very large amount of damage to an enemy using a ranged weapon with a single shot

Management Team

Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a Mechanist and a Mesmer are in the party


Cure your hangover 10 times in a single playthrough as a true Goatman.


Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where a true Incubus and Succubus are in the party

Gastric Bypass

Kill an enemy with a spell that leaves you with 5 or fewer Energy as a true Insectoid

Drunk with Power

Escape the Citadel playing as the Brewer class of any race.

It's All in the Reflexes

Catch an Insectoid or Goatman's flying thrown weapon.

Family Reunion

Recruit three goatman allies as a true goatman.

Iron Gut

Eat 20 tin cans as a true goatman.

Given Enough Time to Plan

Achieve the killing blow against a minotaur using machines and / or traps

Postmodern Hardcore

Finish the game from beginning to end with Hardcore mode on and Classic Mode off.

Secret Weapon

Kill a lich with a thrown potion.

Power Hungry

Escape the Citadel playing as the Accursed class of any race.

Please Hold

Hit an enemy with Hunting or Fire Ammo, and then stall them with Springshot Ammo


Repair or Salvage 100 Tinkered traps and machine allies

Levitant Lackey

Command a Gyrobot to grab an item or interact with a switch that is otherwise inaccessible

Unstoppable Force

Break 50 pieces of enemy armor throughout multiple playthroughs.

Tough as Nails

Have 50 enemies break their weapons against you throughout multiple playthroughs.

Social Butterfly

Recruit 50 allies while Shapeshifted or Polymorphed as a Shaman over multiple playthroughs

Bleating Baron

Escape the Citadel playing as a true Goatman of any class.


Attain victory in the Citadel by only attacking with your fists and throwing potions from the beginning of the game.


Have 5 bombs triggered by a single foe within 5 seconds

Bomb Squad

Successfully disarm 5 Automatons using Lockpicking.


Allow 50 charmed allies to die in while in your service as a Mesmer.


Escape the Mines in cooperative game where a Hunter and Brewer are in the party

The Way You Like It

Curse a blessed weapon as a true Succubus.

Bombshell Baron

Escape the Citadel playing as a true Succubus of any class.

Commander in Chief

Escape the Citadel playing as the Mesmer class of any race.

Blood Sport

Assassinate 50 targets while invisible as a true Vampire.

Blessed Boots of Speed

Reach the final stage in 45 minutes or less and win the game.

Classical Hardcore

Finish the game from beginning to end with Classic and Hardcore modes on.


Consume 10 Scrolls of Fire as a true Automaton


Gain 50 Magic Levels from reading or casting from Spellbooks as a true Insectoid over multiple playthroughs

Potion Preparation

Hold 16 different potions or bottled liquids in your inventory that don't need to be brewed first.

Buggar Baron

Escape the Citadel as a true Insectoid


Reach Legendary skill in any melee weapon skill as a true Goblin

Strung Out

Use swift ammunition while wielding the compound bow to score 10 hits on enemies in a short amount of time

Let's Take This Outside

Knockback 10 monsters into doors.


Escape the Mines in a cooperative game where an Accursed and a Punisher are in the party

I'm a Real Boy

Recruit a Human ally and shop with a merchant while under the effects of polymorph as a true Automaton

I Want it All

Play as every DLC class and race

Bad Boy Baron

Escape the Citadel as a true Incubus

Barfight Champ

Punch 50 enemies to death while drunk as a true Goatman.

The Blood is the Life

Escape the Citadel as the Accursed class without being cured, and with hunger enabled.

Bayou Baron

Escape the Citadel as a true Goblin


Have Insectoid allies kill 20 enemies for you

If You Love Something

Have the Boomerang return to you 100 times after hitting an enemy over multiple playthroughs


Hold a crossbow, bow and all ammo types in your inventory at once as a Hunter


Damage multiple enemies with a single brewed volatile potion 20 times.

Boilerplate Baron

Escape the Citadel as a true Automaton


Kill 50 enemies with thrown potions.

Wonderful Toys

Use a Teleport Trap to send yourself to a part of the level that is otherwise inaccessible

Self Flagellation

Have 30 Enemies kill themselves under retaliation from an Inner Demon over multiple playthroughs


Burn 50 spellbooks to ash as a Goblin across multiple playthroughs

Rage Against the Machine

Kill 20 enemies while they are attacking Dummybots over multiple playthroughs

Roll The Bones

Enscribe 50 scrolls with the Magic Quill as a Shaman over multiple playthroughs

Calm Like a Bomb

Throw a damaging bomb at a foe who was put to sleep by a sleep bomb

Forum Troll

Acquire 3 Troll allies, break 3 walls, and cast Fear on 3 characters as a Troll in a single playthrough

Utility Belt

Have one of every crafted Tinkering item in your inventory

Gudiparian Bazi

Escape the Citadel without ever hitting an enemy with a melee weapon as a Hunter from the beginning of the game

Pop Quiz

Cast 20 different spells from spellbooks as a true Goblin in a single playthrough

It's Tradition

Kill 20 enemies that are near a fountain as a true Incubus


Teleport to and assassinate 20 marked enemies in a single playthrough

Ironic Punishment Division

Use the whip to disarm a target's melee weapon, pick up the weapon, and use it to kill the same target

Chopping Block

Kill 50 enemies disabled by slow, sleep or paralyze effects with an axe as a Punisher over multiple playthroughs


Kill 50 webbed enemies as a Spider over multiple playthroughs

It's a Living

Inflict bleeding status on 50 enemies while wearing the executioner's hood over multiple playthroughs

Serial Thrilla

Gain 100 mana from Amulets of Strangulation as a true Incubus or Succubus

Guerilla Radio

Kill 20 enemies who are being drawn towards a Noisemaker

5000 Second Rule

Pick up 50 detected food items as a Rat over multiple playthroughs

Cowboy From Hell

Kill 50 enemies with the whip shortly after teleporting them over multiple playthroughs