Bunny Hop League achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 57 unknown)

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Learn the ropes

Was guided by the bunny hop guru and completed the tutorial level!

Basically pro

After finishing Basic 1 you might as well consider yourself a so called "pro".

Easy peasy

Finish EZ 1


Blast through the original BHL map!

Super Easy

Finish EZ 2

Easier than Cobble

Finish EZ 3

Splashy splashy

Successfully made your way through Splash 1!

Old as fu....

Reach the top and end of the level Ancient.

Construct that sh*t

Finish Construct 2

Echoo, ooohh oooo

Reached the end of Echo.


Finish basic 4.

There's a second one?

Another one of those basic maps completed.


Finish Mecha!

Down the river

Finished River!

Dead or alive?

Beat Limbo.

Did someone say dungeon?

Make your way through the dark dungeon.


Finished cobble!

The Cobbler

Finish Cobble 2!

Super generic

You made it! Finished Generic 1

Did you forget me?

Finish Forgotten.

Just like all the other ones...

Who needs to be special anyways? Stick with generic. Finished Generic 2!

Azure 2

Slide your way to the end of Azure 2!

Eat lead!

Completed Iron.


Stayed out of lava long enough to finish Vulcano!

Amateur Surfer

Finish Surf Beginner

Didn't touch the water did you?

Finish Splash 2.

Storage storage storaggeeeee!

Finish Warehouse!

Basically number 3

Finish Basic 3.

Sci Fylicious

Beat Sci Fi 1!


Finish Sci Fi 2!

Metric > Imperial

Reached the end of Metric!


Finished Pure eh?

Foggier than most

Manage to find your way through the dense fog and finish the map.

What a nice garden

Finished Zen!

Heaven or hell?

Completed Heaven.

Even foggier

What's hiding behind all that fog? Nothing really it would seem.. Finished Fog 2.

A blueish color

Finish Azure!

In the middle of nowhere

Reach the end of Ocean!


Finish the map Cinder

Over budget...

Make your way through Construct!

Hollow 2?

Great! You finished Hollow 2...


Finish Hollow 1!


Finish cinder 2!

I still can't remember you...

Finish Forgotten 2


Fail 10 000 times..... What are you even doing?

What's this?

Spam much?

Jump 1 000 000 times!


Finish 500 times!


Finish Stone 1!

Welkin it

Finish Welking Red


Finish Ruins!

Welkin Road

Finish the map Welkin Blue

Ruined once again...

Finish Ruins 2!

Forgot it all again??

Finish Forgotten 3

Stone madness

Finish Stone 2.

Prism my shism

Finish Prism

Rock, Paper, Sci....

Finish Stone 3