American Truck Simulator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 63 unknown)

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Not a Problem

Successfully park a trailer at a delivery point

Gas Guzzler

Use a gas station

Rig Master

Buy your own truck

What's Your BMI?

Use a weigh station


Earn $100,000 delivering cargos

Like a Boss

Successfully park a trailer at a hard delivery point

Final Makeover

Fully upgrade one of your garages

Warming Up

Drive 10,000 miles during deliveries

High Five

Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) for a job that is at least 600 miles

Pimp My Truck

Buy and apply a custom paintjob

Time for Big Hauling

Deliver first Heavy Cargo Pack job (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

Sky Harbor

Deliver cargo to the Phoenix Airport

Company Collector

Perform deliveries for at least 15 different companies

I Think I Like It

Finish 50 deliveries

Silver State

Discover every city in Nevada

Sea Dog

Deliver cargo to a port in Oakland and a port in San Francisco

California Dreamin'

Discover every city in California

Size Matters

Successfully deliver a Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

Copper State

Discover every city in Arizona


Drive by the Billy The Kid Museum (requires New Mexico DLC)

Gold Fever

Deliver cargo to both quarries in Nevada


Travel across the New Youngs Bay Bridge (requires Oregon DLC)

Start Your Engine!

Get on the start of the Truck Racing circuit

Seattle Mole

Drive through both Seattle tunnels (requires Washington DLC)

The Land of Enchantment

Discover every city in New Mexico (requires New Mexico DLC)

Powell's Trail

Visit the Colorado River sights

Home Sweet Home

Successfully deliver a Turnkey House Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)


Deliver cargo from all 3 vineyards in California

The Beaver State

Discover every city in Oregon (requires Oregon DLC)

Heavy, but Not Bull in a China Shop!

Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fine, in-time) of a cargo from the Heavy Cargo Pack which is at least 1,000 miles long (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

Ferry Tales

Use a ferry to cross the water (requires Washington DLC)

Get (to) the Chopper!

Successfully deliver a Helicopter Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

How Heavy Am I?!

Use truck scale or weigh station with gross vehicle weight of at least 170,000 lbs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

One, Two, Three - Breathe!

Successfully deliver an Air Conditioning Complex Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

Over the Top

Drive through the forest road to timber harvest in Bellingham (requires Washington DLC)

Sky Delivery

Deliver cargo to An-124 depot (requires New Mexico DLC)

Bigger Cargo, Bigger Profit

Earn $100,000 on 5 consecutive Heavy Cargo Pack deliveries (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

Terminal Terminus

Deliver a cargo to both port terminals in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

The Evergreen State

Discover every city in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

Leave No Branch Behind!

Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of at least 3 Forest Machinery DLC jobs (requires Forest Machinery DLC)

Forest Shortcut

Discover shortcut through the forest (requires New Mexico DLC)

I Thought This Should Be Heavy?!

Complete a delivery of all heavy cargoes in American Truck Simulator (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

Beehive State

Discover every city in Utah (requires Utah DLC)

Keep Sailing

Deliver a boat to a marina in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

Your Dumper Has Arrived!

Deliver all three parts of a disassembled dumper: Haul Truck Hull, Huge Tyres, Haul Truck Chassis (requires Special Transport DLC)

Steel Wings

Deliver a cargo to an aerospace company in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

Truck Stop Tour

Visit all large truck stops and rest stops in New Mexico (requires New Mexico DLC)

Travel Washington

Visit Mount St. Helens, Grand Coulee Dam, Mount Rainier (requires Washington DLC)

Cabbage to Cabbage

Complete a delivery of vegetables over Cabbage Hill (requires Oregon DLC)

Big in America!

Deliver all Special Transport DLC cargoes (requires Special Transport DLC)


Deliver cargo from all timber harvest sites in Oregon (requires Oregon DLC)

Travel Oregon

Discover following landmarks of Oregon: Crater Lake, Crooked River Gorge, Thor's Well and Yaquina Head Lighthouse (requires Oregon DLC)

Go Big or Go Home

Complete deliveries on all oversize routes in current map (requires Special Transport DLC)


Complete delivery of all Forest Machinery DLC cargoes (requires Forest Machinery DLC)

This One Is Mine!

Visit all mines & quarries in Utah (requires Utah DLC)

It's Something

Find a sign that says "nothing" (requires Utah DLC)

Some Like It Salty

Take a job from each company located in Salt Lake City (requires Utah DLC)

Pump It Up

Deliver 5 frac tank trailers to any oil drilling site in Utah (requires Utah DLC)

Along the Snake River (Upcoming)

45th Parallel (Upcoming)

The Director (Upcoming)

Grown in Idaho (Upcoming)

Gem State (Upcoming)