Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Gain Pixel Powers

Enter the Dungeon and receive your Pixel Powers

Since 1903

Complete the Tutorial


Obtain 150 Coins

Act 1 Complete

Complete Act 1 up to the first boss

Treasure Trove

Open 10 treasure chests

Boss 1 Defeated

Defeat Moby Richard


Obtain 1500 coins

Gang Beasts!

Act 2 Complete

Complete Act 2 up to the first boss

Boss 2 Defeated

Defeat Frank Indadark

Treat Yo Self!

Spend over 500 coins on power ups

Act 3 Complete

Complete Act 3 up to the first boss

Boss 3 Defeated

Defeat Penta Vultis

One of many

Use each one time use power up at least once

Act 4 Complete

Complete Act 4 up to the first boss

The Oscar

Complete all Acts

Boss 4 Defeated

Defeat the Final Boss

Who's the boss man now dog?

Defeat all four bosses in the game.


Obtain 10,000 coins


Hold 15 keys at a single time.

The Sampler

Try every power up in the game

Crammed Keychain

Pickup a total of 100 keys

Treasure Trump

Open 100 treasure chests

Death becomes you

Die 100 times