Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Chef School

Took a class with Chef Risotto!

Rank Up!

The First Step in a Long Journey

Half Star

Not half bad!

Justice Dispensed!

Lethal Knives, Lethal Fists

Brave New World

Receive a Historical Object

Gold Medal Ribbon

Got a Gold Medal

Full Star

Got a Full Star Upgrade

Chef Novice

Earn 10 Bronze Medals

The Big 1-5

Got Rank 15

Second Star

Add another one to the apron!

The Bronze Chef

Earn 25 Bronze Medals


Earn 10 Gold Medals

A Strong Start!

Earn 25 Silver Medals

Quarter Rank

Got Rank 25

Copper Spatula Award

Earn 50 Bronze Medals

Just Getting Started

Earn 25 Gold Medals

The Silver Spoon

Earn 50 Silver Medals

Chinese Finger Trap

Get a Gold Medal on Chinese Food Shift 01

Zen Mode

Play a day of Zen Mode (CSD Restaurant)

Employee of the Week

Get golds on all shifts in a single restaurant.

Too Easy

Earn 50 Gold Medals

Bronze Bowl

Earn 100 Bronze Medals

Dancin' the Day Away

Get a Gold Medal on Breakfast and Breakloose Shift 10

Silver Bullet

Earn 100 Silver Medals

The Good Ol' Days

Complete 20 Days of Service with any mode in the CSD Restaurant

Going All The Way

Earn 75 Gold Medals

Stress Mode

Play a day of Stress Mode (CSD Restaurant)

Burger Times

Get a Gold Medal on Biggs Burgers Shift 09

Super Rush Hour

Survive a Super Rush Hour

Fun Beta Memories

Get a Gold Medal on The World Tour Shift 10

Box o' Chocolates

Complete a perfect day using 4 random entrees in Standard or Classic Mode (CSD Restaurant)


Earn 200 Bronze Medals

Chaos in Meditation

Complete a perfect day using 6 random entrees, 3 random sides and 2 random drinks in Zen Mode (CSD Restaurant)

Tower of Zen

Complete a Zen Shift in any restaurant other than Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Employee of the Month

Get golds on all shifts in six different restaurants.

You Can Never Go Back

Complete a day using an Active Menu with six All Time Classic entrees and any sides/drinks in Classic Mode (CSD Restaurant)

Stress Chef Supreme

Maintain 150% buzz for an entire shift in Stress Mode (CSD Restaurant)

Slammy's Way

Get a Gold Medal on Slammy's BBQ Shift 14

Twenty-four Angry Customers

Complete a day with fewer than 25 average/bad orders and missed chores using 6 random entrees and any sides/drinks in Stress Mode (CSD Restaurant)


Get a gold medal on Planet Blue Shift 2

Employee of the Year

Get golds on all shifts in fifteen different restaurants.

Secret Ninja

Get a Gold Medal on Sushi Nest Shift 10

Burrito Bandito

Get a gold medal on Burrito Time Shift 6

Fun PAX Memories

Complete a perfect shift in CSD using the following menu in Standard Mode: Espresso shots, Hot Lattes, Smoothies, Cookies, Fruit Spread, and the Juice Bar.

Espresso Chef

Get a gold medal on Contrast Coffee Shift 14