Football, Tactics & Glory achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 70 unknown)

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Successfully tackle an opponent 5 times.


Use Precision Shot to score 5 goals.


Tackle the ball from an opponent under pressure.


Stop 5 shots by punching the ball out of bounds.

Contractual Obligation

Extend the contracts of three players for three years.


Use Layoff Pass successfully 5 times.

Salvation From On High

Change the outcome of a game by scoring a goal on the last turn.

Team of stars

Score 3 goals during a match using three different players.

Aggressive Defender

Use Sliding Tackle successfully 5 times.

Wall Destroyer

Score a goal with a direct free kick.

Most Valuable Player

The same player should become a Most Valuable Player three times in a row (Third League and higher).


Use Power Shot to score 5 goals.


Perform 5 actions in a single turn by successfully using skills.

Amateur Champion

Take first place in Amateur League.

On Fire

Score a goal with a motivated player.


Score a goal with a penalty.

Nerves of Steel

Win a match after being behind by one or more goals (Second League and higher).


Score at least one goal in 10 consecutive matches (Third League and higher)


Score 3 goals after Layoff Pass.


Keep the ball away from your goalkeeper the entire match (Second League and higher).


Score a goal after using Pass or Lofted Pass from a corner.


Upgrade a talent or skill to level 3 for one player.

Even More Experience

Develop the “Dedication” specialisation tree completely.


Win 100 matches (Single campaign).

Hot Commodity

Sell a player for more than one million dollars.

Learning the Skill

Develop the “Talent” specialisation tree completely.

Last Line of Defence

Your sweepers have to change their position automatically 500 times.

Champion 3

Take first place in Third League.

Star Brazilian

Use a Rainbow Feint successfully against a defender and then the goalkeeper in a single turn.


Use Cannon Shot to score 5 goals.


Win the Prestige Cup.

Attacking Midfielder

Score 5 goals with a Midfielder.

HR Manager

Hire the best scout, assistant, or coach.

Folk's Beloved

Merit love of 30000 fans.

Clean Sheet

Don't concede a single goal for 10 consecutive matches (Third League and higher).


Win the penalty shoot-out after drawing in a Cup match.


Score 5 goals during one match (Third League and higher).

Fan Favourite

Develop the “Fan favourite” specialisation tree completely.


Upgrade two talents or skills to level 3 for one player.

National Inspiration

Win the National Cup.

Total Pressing

Press the same opposing player with a central midfielder and a wing midfielder simultaneously.


Get three corner kicks during a single match.

The Best Nation Club

Take first place in Premier League.

Champion 2

Take first place in Second League.


Score with a header after a float cross 5 times.

The Sponsor’s Darling

Sign a contract with a sponsor, earning a 30% bonus for having Fan Favourite players on your team.


Use Rainbow Feint to score 5 goals.

Star team

Complete a season with a goal difference of more than 50.


Use Nutmeg successfully 5 times.


Buy a player for more than five million dollars.

Champion 1

Take first place in First League.

Main Continental Cup

Win European, American, or Asian and Oceanian Cup.

Flank Play

Run a total of 500 tiles with your wing midfielders.

Old Hand

Train a player to level 100.


Use Dribbling to score 5 goals.

To Each His Own Place

Win a Premier League match with a team only featuring the footballers of special classes.

Young talent

Buy a 16-year old footballer.


Win the Premier League, the National Cup and the Continental Cup in the course of one season.

Extra cup of the continent

Win the EFA, AFA, or AOFA Cup.

Break in

Score 5 times immediately after breaking in from the flank.

Corner Master

Use Olympic Kick to score 5 goals.


Fully upgrade the stadium.

Think Ahead

Develop an amateur defender into a defensive midfielder.

Double Treble

Win a treble two seasons in row.

False Nine

Score 5 times after distracting an opponent with a false kick in the same turn.

Owner of Trophies

Become the champion of all the leagues and win the Prestige and National Cup.


Take first place in Premier league playing with Hard mode.

Jack of All Trades

Develop the “Utility player” specialisation tree completely.

Heroic Treble

Win a treble in the Hard mode.

Total Football

Win a Premier League match with a team only featuring the footballers of universal classes.