The Tower Of Elements achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Got 500 Points

Combo Apprentice

Made 100 Combo

Split personality

Unlocked 1 new Mage

Trust me...

Upgraded the Tower 10 times


Got 800 Points

I am who I am

Unlocked 4 Mages

Mana Lake

Collected 4000 Mana Point in Total

...i'm an engineer

Upgraded the Tower 20 times

All together

Unlocked all available Mages

Combo Master

Made 200 Combo

Last Arcane

Got 1000 Points

It's done

Upgraded the Tower to maximal level

Mana World

Collected 20000 Mana Point in Total

Mana Void

Collected 45000 Mana Point in Total

Master of Elements

Unlocked all other achievements