Big Journey to Home achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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I Took Up Hunting

Slay your first monster

The First Find

Find the first secret in the single-player game


Complete a singleplayer level without dying


Forest Hunt

Complete the Forest location

Mysterious Identity

No Way Back

Slow Death

Complete a single-player level without dying in Hardcore mode

Beginner Creator

Submit the first room to the community

Gloomy Dungeon

Complete the Underground location

Amateur Creator

In Search Of Hopveyn

A True Creator


Let's Be Friends

Play a single co-op level


Kill 1,000 monsters in singleplayer mode

The Heart of Ice

Complete the Ice Caves location

Brotherly Cleansing

Complete all the co-op levels

Stone Problems

Treasure Hunter

Snow Fun

Fast Steps

Complete the game in Hardcore mode



Complete the game

Ice Chaos

I'm Drowning!

Scalding Sun

Complete the Desert location

A True Hero

Warming Up

Where's the House?

Double Work