Big Journey to Home achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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I Took Up Hunting

Slay your first monster

The First Find

Find the first secret in the single-player game


Complete a singleplayer level without dying


Forest Hunt

Complete the Forest location

Mysterious Identity

No Way Back

Slow Death

Complete a single-player level without dying in Hardcore mode

Beginner Creator

Submit the first room to the community

Gloomy Dungeon

Complete the Underground location

Amateur Creator

Let's Be Friends

Play a single co-op level


A True Creator

In Search Of Hopveyn


Kill 1,000 monsters in singleplayer mode

Brotherly Cleansing

Complete all the co-op levels

Stone Problems

The Heart of Ice

Complete the Ice Caves location

Fast Steps

Complete the game in Hardcore mode



Complete the game

Snow Fun

Ice Chaos

Treasure Hunter

Where's the House?

Warming Up

Scalding Sun

Complete the Desert location

A True Hero

I'm Drowning!

Double Work