Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Oops!... I Did It Again!

Make The Bear mad at Marine

The First Step

Play 1+ hour

Baby Indy

Find 1 secret room

First Contact

Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind

Spring Break

Everybody Has To Start

Complete 1 quest

The Examiner

150+ items found

Doctor Faraway

Glurose Slayer

Millennium Addict

Spend 40+ hours on the game

Jungle Botanist

Lighthouse Family

Visit the Top of the Abandoned Lighthouse

Oops!... I Did It Too!

Make The Bear mad at Salome

I counted to Infinity!

Farewell Malaw People

Myst Veteran

1000+ fights

Great Explorer

20+ secret rooms found


Kill 100 Titan Beetles or Mother Crabs


A Matter of Pride

Hippoquake Slayer

Slayin' the Dumb

Progressive Gamer

Complete 6+ quests

Modernity is Kewl


Held more than 99,000 Gold

Too Good for Your Own Good

Tukulu Onslaught

Metallicrab Slayer

Godly Tourism

Butcher the Butcher


Kill all animal kings

Indy Jones Learned From Me

All secret rooms found

I Hate Monkeys!

Taming the Ape