BloodLust Shadowhunter achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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First Blood

Sire your first Family member

Hunter's Apprentice

Player Killed 20 Enemies

Fledgling No Longer

Reach Bloodline Level 5

Skilled Vampire

Reach Bloodline 10

Skilled Thief

Successfully Pick 10 Locks

Treasure Hunter

Carry $500


Destroy 500 Monsters

Going Deep

Reach Sub-Floor 10 in Any Dungeon

Bloodline 25

Reach Bloodline Level 25

Lust for Greed

Carry $1000

Sub Floor 20

Reach Sub Floor 20 in any Dungeon


Destroy 1000 Monsters

Full Family

Sire 4 into your Family

Bloodline 50

Reach Bloodline Level 50

Sub Floor 40

Reach Sub Floor 40 in any Dungeon

Sub Floor 60

Reach Sub Floor 60 in any Dungeon

Bloodline 75

Reach Bloodline Level 75

Sub Floor 80

Reach Sub Floor 80 in any Dungeon

Destroy the Darkness

Destroy the Emperor

Sub Floor 100

Reach Sub Floor 100 in any Dungeon

Bloodline 100

Reach Bloodline Level 100

Lust For Power

Become the New Emperor

Underground Dweller

Reach Sub Floor 200 in any Dungeon

Blood Ninja

Successfully Backstab 10 Enemies


Find all of the Blood Fragments