Bear With Me achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 75 unknown)

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Arts And Crafts!

You have made a magnifier!

Product Placement!

I'm Into Heavier Stuff!

Laughing Stock!

You have made Ted a laughing stock!

Around The World!

Fear Of The Dark!

You've got the flashlight working!

The Dynamic Duo!

You've asked for Ted's help at least once!

Photo Development 101!

You've developed Red's photo!

Higher Aspirations!

You have crafted the attic hook!

Forging Documents Is Hard Work!

Got the clearance to the city!


You have finished episode 1!

Play That Funky Thing!




You've collected all of the items, even the useless ones!

Protective Custody!

You've listened to the secret message... Now never speak of it again... Or else!


You've found at least one optional conversation!

Red Has Left the Building!


Caution To The Wind!

You didn't save once!

Déjà Vu!

Finished the game twice!

Soaking The Stalker!

Art Enthusiast!

You've clicked to inspect every painting in the house!

Metal Attraction!

You've crafted the one and only MCD 3000! Good job!

Bridge Over Troubled Water!

You've lowered the Bridge - you shall now pass!

DeeDee Don’t Touch The Button!

Oh Captain My Captain!

You've read all the pages - and received a standing ovation!

Missed Opportunity!

Breaking The Wall!

You've broken the 4th Wall! Now to find some duct tape!

I’m Nuts!

Congratulations! You're nuts!

Oh Snap!

Feed The Monkey!

Voodoo Charmed I’m Sure!

You've messed with the shadow (wo)man!

The Fifth Element!

Attempt On Bribery!

I’m A Bear Not A Rat!

Duck Season!

I Have A Thing For Lamps!

You've clicked to inspect every lamp in the house!

Performance Criteria!

You've found the rider!

Lone Wolf!

Eye Of The Seagull!

Seek And Destroy!

Ooops! Missed A Spot!

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Gun!

Social Butterfly!

You've mingled with everyone in the room!

Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya Shark?!

The Dark Knight Falls!

I've Got Places To Be!

Finished the game in under an hour!

Crippling Addiction!

Gambled away my inheritance!

She Knew!

Place Your Bets!

King's Evidence!

True Colors!

Home At Last!

No Rest For The Wicked!

Know your priorities!

A Bear Always Pays His Debts!

Two For One!

How is that even fair!

Rabbit Season!

He's Gone!

Dead Officer Mitch!


You ordered a Nerve Wreck Double Special!

Call Me Voodoo Jones!

I do love my voodoo!

Slumbear Millionaire (and now to find Latica)!

You've just won - This achievement! Now you can apply to a real trivia!

True Detective!

You've collected all of the achievements and then some!


Groundhog Day!

You Got Served, Lawrence!

Insult on injury I tell you that!

Girl Scout!

You merely visited the forest. I was born in it, molded by it!

I'm A Quacker!

Just can't stop quacking!

Voodoo People Puzzle People!

Impeccable voodoo senses!


You know your books!

The Mechanist!

The mechanist cracks any vault mechanism open in 12 or less actions!

Enjoying The Crime Scenery!

Look at all that evidence!

It's Not Gonna Rain!

Who needs an umbrella anyway!

Permit A39, Please!

Bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy!