Human Resource Machine achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Career Milestone 1

coffee time

Career Milestone 2

employee morale insertion

Career Milestone 3

sabbatical beach

Glorious Failure: Solution Not Robust

solve a puzzle for a specific set of inputs, while still failing with other possible inputs

Orange Optimization Award

orange path fully optimized

King of Verbosity

solve any puzzle with at least 4x the number of commands required by the size challenge

Career Milestone 4

midnight petroleum

Career Milestone 5

where's carol?

Glorious Failure: Overflow

attempt to generate a number that is too big to store in green boxes

Glorious Failure: Out of Bounds

attempt to read or write with a tile on the floor that does not exist

Career Milestone 6

end program

Queen of Inefficiency

solve any puzzle with at least 4x the number of steps required by the speed challenge

Excellent Instruction Follower

all levels complete. congratulations.

Social Engineer

ask all bosses to tell you more

Blue Optimization Award

blue path fully optimized

Green Optimization Award

green path fully optimized