Aces of the Luftwaffe achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Heinkel, mein kill!

Kill three Heinkel Bombers. (Mission 1-2)

Stuka Jamboree!

Dance, dive bombers. Dance! (Mission 1-2)

Bird of Prey!

Kill 1000 foes!

My gun is bigger than yours!

Collect 48 Power-Ups.

I sure hate Fockes!

Kill 300 Focke-Wulfs. (Mission 1-1)

Six times Two is 262

Kill a dozen Messerschmitts! (Mission 1-1)

Battle of Britain

Complete all Missions of Chapter 1.

Fortress Crasher!

Defeat General Neumann.

Junkers to the junk yard!

Down half a dozen heavy bombers. (Mission 1-3)

Look what I found!

Collect 1000 Medals.

Duck and Cover!

Bomb 6 Axis factories with the Allied bomber. (Mission 2-1)

That'll be fifty two sixty two!

Shoot down 50 jet planes. (Mission 1-3)

Bombs away!

Bomb 100 targets.

Ace of Aces!

Shoot down 5000 planes.

It's-a meee!

Kill a Fiat BR.20 bomber. (Mission 3-1)

Medal Magnet!

Grab 5000 Medals.

The Panzer Menace

Complete all Missions of Chapter 2.

Panzers no more.

Defeat Major Kohler.

I don't like Ju!

88 confirmed Ju88 kills.

The new kind!

Shoot down 25 Bf110 planes. (Mission 3-1)

Let them Burn

Shoot down 10 Zeppelins. (Mission 4-2)

Guy Fockes Day!

7777 confirmed Focke-Wulf kills.

Kill the Elite!

1337 confirmed Me262 kills.


Bomb 500 targets.

Ewww, Fighters!

Shoot down all three of the Super Planes. (Mission 2-3)

The Collector!

Need! Need! Need!


Defeat the Mad Scientist. (Mission 4-4)

Turkey Shoot

Complete all Missions of Chapter 4.


Whatever those things are, kill them. (Mission 3-2)

Dawn of the Dragon

Complete all Missions of Chapter 3.

Don't eat Burning Snow.

Defeat Oberst Müller.

Break the Formation

Shoot down 15 Heinkel planes. (Mission 5-1)

With another tale to spin

Evade all Mines. (Mission 5-3)

Duck and Cover - Again!

Bomb 3 Axis Airbases with the Allied bomber. (Mission 5-2)

Hide and Seek

Stay stealthy the entire mission. (Mission 4-1)

Total Annihilation!

Rack up 25000 kills!

Who you gonna call?

Shoot down all 7 Ghost planes. (Mission 5-2)

Fury of the Red Fockes!

Rumor has it there's over 70 airborne. (Mission 3-3)

From Dusk Till Dawn

Defeat Commander Meiler

Night Over Europe

Complete all Missions of Chapter 5.

Blitzkrieg, Schmitzkrieg.

Bomb all the Axis panzers invading France. (Mission 2-2)

Flak off!

Bomb 30 AA gun nests! (Mission 2-3)

I said, FLAK OFF!

Bomb 40 AA gun nests! (Mission 3-2)

Back to hell!

666 confirmed Ghost kills.

Nothing but ruins!

Bomb 2500 targets.