Epic Battle Fantasy 5 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 102 unknown)

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Wandering Out

Begin your adventure by wandering away from home and into the jungle.

Limits Broken

Use a limit break - and if you're reading this in advance - remember to set up a combo first!


Let a surrendered foe go free. Sometimes it feels good to be good.

Slave Trader

Enslave a beast, later to be forced into combat against its will.

Instant Knowledge

Learn a completely new skill through sheer willpower alone - no practice involved.

No Mercy

Execute a surrendered foe in cold blood. You get EXP either way, so it really is senseless violence.

Conductive Status

Exploit a status effect that increases elemental damage.

Roid Rage

Get a taste of performance-enhancing steroids, like bacon or bread.

Beast Tamer

Tame a strong monster as you work your way up the food chain.

1K Damage

Deal over 999 damage with an attack - just smack an enemy hard.

Slip 'n' Slide

Get familiar with some annoying puzzle mechanics.

Cooling Off

And now, we wait. Quite a while, too.


Get inflicted with the Confused status, and lose control of your own body.

Not Pok*mon

Equip more than 6 summons, but no more than 18, as that would be simply unfair.


Watch your enemies be killed by their own environment, or by each other.

Art Connoisseur

View a fine piece of framed artwork.

Bonus Skills

Adjust your default abilities to something more unique, and show off the real you.


Get inflicted with the Disable status, and have some of your skills become unusable for a few turns.

Over the Wall

Enter the fascists' fortress with a dangerous mission in mind.

Sometimes Invincible

Have fun with the Enchanted and Invisible status effects. They may or may not be useful.

Second Chance

Don't die when you have been killed - the Morale and Auto-Revive statuses can get you out of trouble!

Berzerker's Rage

Get inflicted with the Berserk status, and go mad with power.

Back Attack

What? Not even backup players are safe from taking damage?!

Uncontrollable Hunger

Get inflicted with the Hungry status, and pig out on whatever you can find.

Upgrade Complete

Fully upgrade a weapon - this is the best use of your cash!

10K Damage

Deal over 9,999 damage with an attack - a bit of levelling up should do the trick.

What Game?

Paint the loading screen with the ooze of 100 dead slimes.


Sometimes the enemies don't even have to do anything.

Generic Holiday

Complete a rare holiday quest. (There's totally no way to cheat the system...)

Unusual Torture

Melt down a captured foe and use it as a crafting material. The foe's consent is not required.

Party Hard

A bunch of poorly drawn cartoon characters get together and smash things.

Where's Satan?

Discover the demon hiding in plain sight.


I have a feeling these woods might actually be haunted.

Fog of War

Get inflicted with the Shroud status, and succumb to the pain of missing information.

-□□□ .¬

□□□□□- -□□□-□□□ ■□□? -□□□??

Helping Hand

Complete 10 quests for NPCs, and experience the joy of helping others.

Treasure Hunter

Open 200 treasure chests. That's a lot, but also just the beginning.

None Are Safe

Capture 50 different foes. No living creature can escape the completionist's snare.


Click on something squishy a few times. There's several ways of getting this one...

RIP in Peace

Honour the dead by shuffling away their corpses and bringing in reinforcements.

Like a Bird

Find 50 secret treasures - keep an eye out for hidden shiny things!

Boss's Boss

Imprison your boss in a shipping container, for later use.

Arctic Expedition

Unpreparedness won't stop this adventure.

Cat Person

Intimidate NoLegs into surrendering, rather than beating him to a pulp.

Dim Depths

The plot thickens as buried secrets are uncovered.

River Rapids

Sail towards unknown lands on a dinky raft that's totally sea-worthy.

X-Ray Goggles

Scan 125 different foes. (Captured foes count as scanned!)

100K Damage

Deal over 99,999 damage with an attack - remember to exploit buffs, weaknesses, and statuses!

Secret Soundboard

Find the secret soundboard, just as the name of this achievement suggests.

EXP Pipeline

Cut down over 1,337 innocent foes, for those sweet battle rewards.

Alien Landscape

Look upon the remains of a devastated landscape.

Secret Farm

Help a wizard grow totally legal herbs in a barn.

Give 100%

Buff yourself to the max. Some equips will help out with this... but the foes may beat you to it.

Code Breaker

Discover one of several secret codes.

Public Servant

Complete 20 quests for NPCs, hoping they'll ignore all of the damage you've done.

Book Worm

Read every book in the library - not just for this achievement, but to actually learn!

Chest Grabber

Open 400 treasure chests. You should be in jail by now.

Child Minder

Force an exhausted Anna to surrender, rather than having to knock out a child.

Video Games

Talk to every type of games console. They won't talk back.

None Are Free

Capture 100 different foes. Leave no free animals to graze the fields - all bow before their master.

Unlimited Blade Works

Collect 150 different items of equipment. You don't even need all of that.

Family Roots

Remember what you came from, and keep visiting your family even when you're famous.

Eagle Eye

Find 100 secret treasures - and remember, not all of them shine!


Fill in the entire world map - which doesn't include secret underground areas.

Quest Cuck

Complete 30 quests for NPCs, as apparently they can't do anything for themselves.

Secret World

Use the three Spiritual Stones to open the... Door of Time?

Dungeon Crawler

Defeat all 5 mega bosses in their optional dungeons, on any difficulty.

Nice Guy

Flirt with Natalie to calm her down, avoiding the unsightly beating up of a girl.

World Saved?

Defeat the final boss and finish the main story.

Pop Eye

Defeat Jotun on Epic difficulty.

Tunnel Vision

Find all of the treasure chests in the underground labyrinth. (Not counting any rooms!)

Bash the Fash

Defeat Lance and Neon Valkyrie on Epic difficulty.


Even if you delete me, I'll be with you forever...


Defeat Anna and the Mighty Oak on Epic difficulty.


Exploit Lance's weakness to make him surrender, but only during his 3rd and final appearance.

The Cat King

Defeat Laurelin on Epic difficulty.

Double Trouble

Defeat Sól and Skadi on Epic difficulty.

Real Deal

Defeat all 5 bosses in the Temple of Trials, on any difficulty.

Forgotten Myths

Defeat Poseidon on Epic difficulty.

1M Damage

Deal over 999,999 damage with an attack - you'll need to setup a serious combo for this one!


Defeat Telperion on Epic difficulty.

Burning Soul

Defeat the 3-headed Blaze Hydra on Epic difficulty.

Booty Burglar

Open 600 treasure chests. Not even the developer knows exactly how many there are.

Nuclear Holocaust

Destroy the world several times over by trying out every single Limit Break attack.

Golden God

Defeat Chibi Knight's ultimate form on Epic difficulty.

Triple Death

Defeat the 3-headed Zombie Hydra on Epic difficulty.

Drill Breaker

Defeat Neon Valhalla on Epic difficulty.

Fry, You Fools

Defeat Vulcan on Epic difficulty.

No Respawns

Defeat the Crystal Hydra on Epic difficulty.


Defeat Snowflake on Epic difficulty.

Twisted Metal

Defeat the killer android on Epic difficulty.

Purifying Flame

Defeat the dark priestess on Epic difficulty.

Demon Hunter

Defeat the horned demon on Epic difficulty.

Dust to Dust

Defeat the hungry golem on Epic difficulty.

Super Sa*yan

Defeat the strongest being in the universe on Epic difficulty.

10M Damage

Deal over 9,999,999 damage with an attack - this is actually possible at around level 35!

Boss Slayer

Beat the Boss Rush on Epic difficulty.

Miniboss Slayer

Beat the Miniboss Rush on Epic difficulty.


Beat the Foe Marathon on Epic difficulty.

Ultimate Hero

Defeat the final boss on Epic difficulty.


Reach wave 30 in the Endless Battle.

Mega Boss Slayer

Beat the Mega Boss Rush on Epic difficulty.