Battle Islands: Commanders achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Operation MI

You have reached the Central Pacific Theater!


You have won your first ranked battle!

New Recruit

You have joined an alliance!

Operation Torch

You have reached the North Africa Theater!

Allied Reinforcements

You have donated a unit!

Field Promotion

You have promoted 20 units!

Operation Husky

You have reached the Mediterranean Theater!

Intelligence Debriefing

You have shared a replay with your alliance!

Operation Barbarossa

You have reached the Eastern Front Theater!


You have won 100 ranked battles!

War Veteran

Promote 20 units to rank 5

Operation Meridian

You have reached the East Asian Theater!


You have won 1,000 ranked battles!

Operation Neptune

You have reached the Western Front theater!

Operation Plunder

You have reached the Central Europe Theater!