NASCAR '15 Victory Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Custom Ride

Create a custom paint scheme

Big Mover

Pass a total of 250 cars

Chevy Fan

Win a race while driving a Chevy

Perfect Weekend

Win a race after Qualifying first and leading the most laps

Second Hand Champion

In Career, win a race using only refurbished parts

Heading to the Garage

DNF from a race by critically damaging your car

Lucky Dog

Be the Lucky Dog driver in a race


Take a picture using Photo Mode

Ford Fan

Win a race while driving a Ford


Run a custom tuning setup in a race

Running Flat

Make it to pit road with a flat tire

Toyota Fan

Win a race while driving a Toyota

Brave New World

Take part in an Online Race


Invest in all areas of the Race Shop

The Big One

Be involved in a wreak at Talladega

Laying Down the Laps

Run 10 laps in a single Track Testing session

Expert Racer

Start and finish a race without any driving assists

Bye Bye Rookie Stripe

Finish your first Sprint Cup Season in Career

Fully Sponsored

Sign 10 Sponsors to your car

Small Steps

Win your first Online Race

Star Driver

Win the All-Star Race

Paint Booth Pro

Make a custom brush in the Paint Booth

Spice of Life

Drive as 10 different drivers

Front Row

Qualify on Pole 20 times

Sprint Cup Champion

Win the Sprint Cup in Career

Egg Head

Research everything in the R&D department

Saving Memories

Save an Online Replay

Race for the Chase

Win the Sprint Cup in Chase Mode

Use the Force

Win a race with the HUD turned off

Getting into the Swing

Win 10 Online Races

Seasoned Champ

Win the Sprint Cup in Single Season Mode


Win 20 Online Races

Online Veteran

Participate in 50 Online Races

Online Master

Participate in 100 Online Races

Champion Driver

Win the Sprint Cup in Career on 100% difficulty

Legend of Leagues

Win a League Season