Super Trench Attack 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Beat Tutorial

Beat the tutorial mission

Beat Training mode

Beat the game on training mode

Double Kill!

Perform a double kill

Gold hoarder

Have over 1500 gold at one time

Pistol King

Win an Epic battle only using pistols

Kill ten ducks!

Kill ten ducks during a hunt event

Small army

Have nine members on your squad

Food hoarder

Have over 1500 food at one time

Beat Normal mode

Beat the game on normal mode

Super soldier

Get a squad member to lvl13

Win 200 Gold

Win 200 Gold during a blackjack event

Ultimate Ada

Unlock all of Ada's layouts

Beat Hard mode

Beat the game on hard mode

Triple Kill!

Perform a triple kill


Win an Epic battle only using defend

Epic Bonus!

Get an epic bonus!

Grenade King

Win an Epic battle only using grenades and mortars

Ultimate Marie

Unlock all of Marie's layouts

Ultimate Bella

Unlock all of Bella's layouts

Ultimate Adele

Unlock all of Adele's layouts