Paper Sorcerer achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 39 unknown)

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Knight Errant

Too bad nobody knew his name...

Amateur Secret

What are you doing digging up secrets like this? You'll get in trouble.

Beginner Secret

Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

Baby's First Secret

One small secret, but it's a big step in your sleuthing.

Decimate Me

Decimate is only a tenth destroyed, you know? Not that impressive if you ask me.

Journeyman Secret

How many hidden doors are there even?

Hazy Oasis

Tricky one here, don't get too confused.

Apprentice Secret

Seems like you're learning pretty quickly, keep it up.

Newbie Secret

You're doing pretty good for a greenhorn.

Whispered Secret

Sometimes you learn from eavesdropping, sometimes you just figure it out.

Never Be Defeated

Be careful of that axe.

Arrow's Mark

How do you even pronounce his name, anyway?

Turquoise Secret

It really has a rather nice color to it, doesn't it?

Memories' Return

What'll happen, that blood red gem...

Amber Secret

They say this secret might have somthing cool trapped inside.

Aquamarine Secret

Do you miss the ocean, or water at all after being in a dusty book for so long?

Diamond Secret

No secret shines as brilliant as this one.

Moonstone Secret

Maybe it'll be useful to know stuff like this.

Ruby Secret

A secret as red as blood.

Sapphire Secret

What a gem of a secret!

Emerald Secret

Emerald rather invokes nature, but does this secret really have anything to do with that?

Copper Secret

Not the most impressive one, but it's been going up in price lately because it's useful.

Prayer for Every One

Pacifists have it pretty tough, huh?

Jade Secret

Sorry, no dragons around here.

Mage Duel

Magic vs. magic, how will it it turn out?

Amethyst Secret

They say Amethyst protects from poison, but you haven't seen any positive effects.

Gold Secret

All that is secret does not glitter, but this one does!


Was he as daft as he was burly?

Silver Secret

Do you find secrets professionally? I'm impressed.


Turning the page to the last chapter...

Platinum Secret

Truly one of your ability doesn't belong in a prison.


Nothing like reading a paperback all in one sitting.

Mythril Secret

Popup Book

Did you enjoy the story? Let's go to bed now.


Let's curl up by the fire with a good book.

Adamantite Secret


The master of this tome wields an incomprehensible power.

Demon's Solution

Master of Secrets