Adventure in the Tower of Flight achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Birds of Gold

Collect 100 gold feathers

Swift Feet

Get the Boots of Much-Flight

Great Strength

Get the Sword of Much-Strength

Casual Shopper

Spend 2000 coins at shops

Long Shot

Get the Bow of Much-Reach

Rock Stance

Get the Shield of Much-Ping

Dragon Skin

Get the Armor of Much-Protection

Economy Boost

Spend 5000 coins at shops

Social Butterfly

Talk to 50 people

Ruler of the World

Flock of Gold

Collect 500 gold feathers

Monster Hunter

Kill 1000 monsters

Window Shopper

World of Gold

Collect 10,000 gold feathers

Hard as nails

Mall Rat



Spend 20000 coins at shops


Talk to 300 people


Collect 25,000 coins

City Slicker

Max Health

Find all 13 health vials

City of Gold

Collect 5,000 gold feathers

No Fear

Kill 10,000 monsters

Swimming in Coins

Collect 250,000 coins


Collect 1,000,000 coins

Master of all

Can't be stopped