Dwarf Tower achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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First Steps

Win your first battle

Crystal Meltdown

Make an enemy crystal explode from fire


Use doors to stop fire or water from spreading.

Burn, Burn!

Ignite 5 enemy rooms at the same time

Safe Power

Put a crystal underground

Stop Spying On Me

Hide your room that was visible to the enemy by moving it or using the Anti-Eye spell.

Too Easy

Win a match in under 5 rounds


Gather 50 Mana

Plumber Quick Fix

Remove water from a flooded room by digging earth under it

Roof On Fire

Have 5 of your rooms burning at the same time

I Live

Have all your rooms destroyed except the archmage.


Find the enemy Archmage room by using the Eye spell


Equip Archmage with doors and armor

Time To Move

Save a room by moving it (the old block is destroyed the same turn)


Build a tower 10 blocks high

Big Tome

Build 7 libraries at the same time


Miss three times in a row using a Ray or Disturbance spell

Close Combat

Reach round 25

Full Power

Have 10 crystals at the same time


Build 25 rooms

To The Bottom

Build the lowest dungeon room possible

Noob Bomb

Win an online match by using bombs only.

Raw Force

Win a match without using any spells


Dig out 15 blocks of earth

Buried Alive

Win the game by using a Collapse spell

Fire & Water

Have a fire put out with water

That Was Close

Pump water from the Archmage room

Thor Anger

Use 5 lightning strikes in one attack


Destroy enemy Archmage with a spell reflector


Win 10 online matches in a row

Self-trapped underground

Sink the enemy archmage room separated from the dungeon with doors.

Rat Attack

Win the game with a succcessful use of the Rat spell.

Nature Power

Damage 5 rooms using one Earthquake spell

Just For Fun

We Need To Go Deeper

Have an underground-only construction by turn 15.

Big Move

Use 5 movers during one round

Magic Power

Win a match without using any Dwarves.

Fire Team

Survive and extinguish 5 burning rooms during one turn

Chemical Warfare

Save 5 rooms at the same time with the help of the Deratiser improvement

Judgment Day

Use all possible spells in one attack.


Build a tower 10 blocks wide

Under The Roof

Put 3 roofs on your tower

Mass Destruction

Make 10 enemy blocks fall down at the same time


On Air

Use the levitronus room to hold your tower with no ground blocks left.