The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth achievement guide & roadmap



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Have 4 or more soul hearts at one time

The Womb

Kill Mom.


Make 3 deals with the devil in one run.


Objective, Unmissable, SP-only,

Have 7 or more max red hearts at one time.

Have 7 or more heart containers at one time.

--- How to Unlock ?

There are different ways to unlock this achievement. You can follow one of the paths below (they can also be done combined) :

  • Have +1 HP up items from defeating bosses,
  • Use HP up pills (since you don't know what you get from pills, you should try to uncover ??? pills to find HP up).
  • Buy HP up items or HP up pills from "The Shop".

--- Side Info

  • You don't have to fill all 7 containers to get the achievement. It'll be unlocked when you reach 7 slots.


Objective, Unmissable, SP-only,

Hold 55 or more pennies at one time.

Hold 55 coins at one time


Beat 2 levels in a row without picking up any hearts.

Little Baggy

Collect 2 of either Roid Rage, The Virus, Growth Hormones, Experimental Treatment, or Speed Ball.

The Book of Sin

Kill all 7 sins.


Beat the Womb for the first time,


Beat 2 levels in a row without taking damage.

Basement Boy

Beat the Basement/Cellar without taking damage.


Objective, Unmissable, SP-only,

Kill Satan

Defeat Satan for the 1st time.

Satan is the final boss of Sheol.

Sheol is one of two unlockable floors after defeating Mom's Heart. After the fight with Mom's Heart a devil room may spawn containing a trapdoor leading down to Sheol, the boss of this floor is always Satan

A Quarter

Kill Mom's Heart 8 times.

A Fetus in a Jar

Kill Mom's Heart 9 times.

Something Sticky

Beat the Depths 20 times.

Something Cute

Beat the Caves 30 times.

Daemon's Tail

Kill Satan with Azazel.

Mom's Knife

Kill Satan with Isaac.

Isaac's Tears

Kill Isaac with Isaac.

The Polaroid

Beat Cathedral 5 times.

The Negative

Beat Sheol 5 times.


Kill Mom's Heart 3 times.

Something from the Future

Beat the Basement 40 times.

Mama's Boy

Beat the Womb/Utero without taking damage.

Boss Rush

Beat the Boss Rush.

Spelunker Boy

Beat the Caves/Catacombs without taking damage.


Beat Greed Mode with Azazel

Everything Is Terrible

Kill Mom's Heart 5 times.

Dark Boy

Beat the Depths/Necropolis without taking damage.

Judas' Tongue

Kill Satan with Judas.

Bloody Lust

Kill Isaac with Samson.

Dead Boy

Beat the Chest or Dark Room without taking damage.

It Lives

Kill Mom's Heart 11 times.

Blood Rights

Kill Satan with Samson.

Guardian Angel

Kill Satan with Maggy.

The Halo

Kill Mom using the Bible.

Eve's Bird Foot

Kill Isaac with Eve.

Lazarus' Rags

Kill Isaac with Lazarus.

Broken Ankh

Kill Satan with Lazarus.

The Razor

Kill Satan with Eve.

Blue Baby

Kill Mom's Heart 10 times.

The Satanic Bible

Kill Isaac with Azazel.

Forget Me Now

Kill Satan with ???.

The Chest

Beat the Chest.

The Lost

Finish the game's final secret.

Dark Room

Beat the Dark Room.

New Area

Unlocked a new area

Golden God

You are the best!

A Blank Card

Kill Isaac with Eden.


Beat Delirium


Kill Mega Satan

The Guillotine

Kill Isaac with Judas.

Cambion Conception

Kill ??? with Lilith

Lost Poster

Beat the Dark Room with Isaac.

The Coin Bag

Kill Isaac with Cain.

The Book of Secrets

Kill Satan with Eden.

The Bomb Bag

Kill Satan with Cain.

Isaac's Heart

Kill Isaac with The Lost.


Kill The Lamb with Lilith

The Mind

Kill Satan with The Lost.

The Relic

Kill Isaac with Maggy.


Donate 1000 coins in Greed Mode


Donate 500 coins to the Greed Machine

Deep Pockets

Kill ??? with Keeper

The Forgotten

Uncover some lost remains..


Kill The Lamb with Keeper

The Gate is Open!

Kill The Lamb


Collect all items and unlock all secrets


Just Stop!


Beat all 20 Challenges.

Platinum God

Collect all items and unlock all secrets and endings.

Real Platinum God

100% the game!