Fearful Symmetry achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Level 1 Completed

Way to go!

Level 2 Completed

Now prepare for the real game...

Level 3 Completed

Patience test passed!

Level 4 Completed

You got how it works...

Level 5 Completed

You don't get discouraged easily...

Level 6 Completed

Perseverance is your strenght!

Level 7 Completed

Arrow dodging like a pro

Level 8 Completed

Now you know...

Level 9 Completed

Temple and graveyard completed!

Level 10 Completed

A whole new world awaits you...

Level 11A Completed!

You are either a genius or a dexterity master!

Level 12 Completed

Congratulations, it wasn't simple!

Level 14 Completed

Nice! Prepare your brain...

I am Error

Congratulations, you found Error!

Level 13A Completed!

Did you figure it out?

Level 15 Completed!

Lateral thinking master!

Level 11B Completed

Cold blood is the key

Level 16 Completed

Sometimes you have to reconsider your steps

Level 17 Completed

I admit it was a bit of a sucker punch...


You managed to get out of that mess!

BONUS LEVEL C Completed!

You don't need to see to solve puzzles

BONUS LEVEL B Completed!

Traps Mastermind!

BONUS LEVEL A Completed!

CONGRATULATIONS, you reached nirvana!

Level 13B Completed

You got the spirit!

You found a secret!

Nulan unlocked

Unravel the secret behind the game

Alternative ending