Torment: Tides of Numenera achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 52 unknown)

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Not Dead Yet

A City Carved in Stone

A New Beginning

Live Another Life

Completed a Mere.

Always in Touch

Found the Hall of Relics.

Monuments to the Past

Free Minds


A New Home

Learn the truth of where Jherem came from.

Belly of the Beast

Valley's Hero

Rising Phoenix

Transdimensional Midwife

Brought a new minnim pair to life.

Crystalline Vista

Ill-gotten Gains

Castoff's Fate

Private Property

Purchased a slave.

Limits of Human Capacity

Reached maximum character level.


Completed the game.

Just a Taste

Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast.

Terminal Velocity

Ended your life before it truly began.


The entire party loves the Last Castoff.

This is MY Cult

Convince the Cult in Sagus Cliffs that you're the Changing God.

Going Home

Priest Restored

Knowlege Seeker

Homeworld Bound

I Clank When I Walk

Equipped every one of Jernaugh's upgrades.

For Knowledge?

Death Wish

Died by drinking too much Bloom juice.

War Machine

Defeated Waits-for-Prey in combat.

Back to the Farm

Foremen Don't Forget

Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret.

Dangerous Ideals

Love Restored



Peace Bringer

Brought peace to Choi's spirit.

It's For the Best


Acquired one too many cyphers.

All Too Human

A New Family

Inside Man

The Dying Light

Buckle Down

Accidental Savior

Mere Explorer

Found all Merecasters.

A God in Human Skin

Keep Your Friends Close

Hall of Memories



The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff.