The Hat Man: Shadow Ward achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 11 unknown)

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A Musical Interlude

Listen to the radio for 30 seconds

Ghost Hunter

Kill 4 shadow people with the flashlight in the bedroom

Cheating Death

Be in the same room as the Hat Man 10 times

Brisk Walkthrough

Finish the game in under an hour

Soul Survivor

Save your daughter and escape

Psychic Intuitive

Finish the game in under 45 minutes

Paranormal Expert

Finish the game in under 30 minutes

A Good Book

Listen to your daughter read all the pages of her journal in a game

Ectoplasmic Entity

Finish the game without loading a saved game

Superior Apparition

Finish the game without loading a saved game and without saving along the way

Paranormally Active

Run into 50 shadow people