One Way To Die: Steam Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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First Death

This is your first time dying... sorry!

About Time

You made it home without dying! Good job!

Sweet Revenge

You failed to get an elephant as saboteur!

Triple Non-Threat

You have all possible immunities! Good luck!

Die Trying

You have perished 100 times already. Ouch!

The Returned

The bain of achievement hunters.

Even Worse

Experience all the Steam-only deaths!

Accursed Villain

You have been the saboteur enough!

Red Elephant

You have won the elephant!

The Slaughter

The blood is on your hands. Tons of it.

Local Hero

You have stopped at least 10 saboteurs!

Dear Dog, Why?

You have played and died 1,000 times! Wow!


You have experienced every unique death!

Death Fodder

Those saboteurs are just ruthless!

Anti Trapper

You have disabled a lot of traps!

The Hallowest

You experienced all 10 Halloween deaths!

Crimson X-Mas

You experienced all 10 X-Mas deaths!

Clowning Around

Beat Story, Choose, and Random modes once each.