MoW: Face Off XL achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Win Your First Battle

Kill The Healer First

Kill a Medic

Deck Builder

Build a Custom Deck

Demolition Squad

Destroy 50 units

Player versus Player

Win a PvP Game

We Love AoE

Play a Strafing Run card

United We Stand

Unlock Republic

Struck Gold

Find your first Gold card

On Dragon Wings

Unlock Empire


Craft a Card

On The Map

Reach the Bronze League

Climbing The Ladder

Reach the Silver League

In The Ring

Win an Arena Game


Disintegrate a Card

Mirror Mirror

Win a game against a Hard AI using a mirror deck


Reach the Gold league

Duty and Death

Destroy 500 Units

No Lions Allowed

Win 20 Battles against Alliance

Alliance Champion

Win 20 Games as Alliance


Own 100 different cards

Stars on Fire

Win 20 Battles against Republic

All Hands On Deck

Build 5 Decks

Empire Champion

Win 20 Games as Empire

Cream of the Crop

Reach the Platinum league


Win 20 Battles against Empire

Republic Champion

Win 20 Games as Republic

Field Marshal

Win 100 Games

Hot Streak

Win 5 Arena Games


Open 50 booster packs


Win 12 Arena Games


Recruit a Friend

Diamonds are Forever

Reach the Diamond league

Social Butterfly

Recruit 5 Friends


Become a Grandmaster

Raffle Winner

Acquire 1000 Tickets

Level Up!

Reach Level 36