Fire in the Goal achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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Always a first time

Your first kill

Where dream starts


I feel the power

Use your ultimate for the first time

Winner winner

Won a game


Hit all the bullets while using rapid fire

Hat trick

Score 3 goals in a single game


Won a game using pistol

Hey anyone else?

Won a game without losing a single score

Meet the panda

Won a game using panda

Wait we won?

Won a game without a single goal or assist

RPG for the win

Hit the ball for more than 5 times using RPG in a single game

Lone gunner

Won a game using SMG

Firepower suppression

Won a game using machine gun

Go find your mummy

Won a game with over 10 goals scored

Tough fighter

Won a game using shotgun

Carry all before one

Won a game using thrower

Wild power

Won a game using rocket launcher


Won a game with goal difference over 10

Endurance is key

Won a game using gazelle

Hey! Stop

Won a game using sheep

One for all

Won a game using piglet


Won a game using chainsaw

Polar force

Won a game using polar bear


Won a game using brown bear


Won a game using ladybug

Who's your daddy

Won a game using tiger

Past beckons

Won a game using beetles

Master knows it all

Won a game using puma


Won a game using moose

More please

Hexa-kill using Sharpshooter

Get use to it

Hit each fragment of your shotgun for 10 times in a single game

A Legend

Kill 30 enemies in a single game

Fly higher

Stay air for over 10 seconds


Won using each type of weapon once

How did you do this?

Won a game with over 70% accuracy using rifle

Eating is love, eating is life

Grab 20 meals in a single game

Training Accomplished

Finished your traning session

Face it

Absorb over 15k damage using protection shield


Won using each hero once

I like your gentleness

Freeze over 20 enemy in a single game

Let's dance

Crowd control your enemy for over 30s

Taurine accessive

Grab 20 drinks in a single game

Move out of my way

Deal over 15k damage using machine gun in a single game

Getting high

Keep exhilarant for over one minute