Homefront®: The Revolution achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 74 unknown)

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There are many like it, but this one is mine

Convert a weapon.

Cooking up a storm

Manufacture a GTK item.

Welcome to the Resistance

Join the Philadelphia resistance movement.

Red Dawn

Enter Elmtree Red Zone.


Capture a Strike Point.


Add an attachment to a weapon.

Hit and run

Escape the ambush at Ned's Armoury.

Guerrilla Master

Deploy every type of GTK item at least once.

Fyre Starter

Set a KPA on fire by shooting a gas vent.

Danger Zone!

Create a character for Resistance Mode.

King David

Destroy a Goliath.

Dear diary…

Collect 10 Journals.

Heist of the century

Steal a Goliath from the Shipyard.

Can't stop the signal

Activate 20 HAM radios.

Striking Back

Capture 30 Strike Points.

Riding High

Drive the motorbike 60 meters above sea level.

The bigger they are…

Kill 20 heavies.

Declaration of Independence

Escape the trap at Independence Hall.

Phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range

Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level.

We Can Be Heroes

Incite a revolution at City Hall.

Land of the free

Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.

Micro Machine

Destroy an armoured car with an RC car bomb.


Earn a team citation.

Peace of cake

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on easy difficulty.

Inside Job

Infiltrate a KPA Stronghold and deactivate the valve without being detected.

Mayhem 101

Purchase a skill.


Complete 5 Jobs.

Star of the show

Remain in the searchlight of a KPA Airship for 2 minutes without dying.

Oh a piece of candy!

Distract 30 KPA from their guard posts in yellow zone without being detected.


Capture all KPA Strongholds.

Silent but Deadly

Perform 5 takedowns in a row without being spotted by the KPA.


Earn 10 mission citations.

Son of Liberty

Earn 20 individual citations.

Peace in our time

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on normal difficulty.

E Pluribus Unum

Earn 20 team citations.

This is our town, Nork

Capture all Strike Points.

Everyone fights, no one quits

Revive 10 downed teammates over any number of Resistance Mode missions.

Robin Hood

Kill a KPA soldier with a crossbow bolt from over 50 meters away.

Flash ah aaaahhh!

Successfully resolve 20 Flashpoints.


Kill 5 or more KPA with a single Molotov.

Going underground

Reach the Subway.

DAB Hand

Arrive at the Broadcast Center.

Peace your pants

Successfully complete a Resistance Mode mission on hard difficulty.

Walker Stalker

Turn off the Walker broadcast recording.

Witness me!

Destroy the Bandit Car.

Welcome to Philly

Enter Greentree Yellow Zone.


Kill 20 KPA using proximity based GTK items.


Complete all Jobs.

Adaptive warfare

Get a kill with every weapon and modification.

Cookie Monster

Complete Aftermath.


Find the agent in the church.

Fighting fire with fire

Kill 100 KPA using hacked drones.


Launch the rocket at the KPA satellite.

It's a trap!

Kill 10 KPA using Resistance traps.

The Need for speed

Escape the tunnel collapse in 50 seconds or less.

Shadow Hunter

Takedown 5 Bandits without detection.

Home of the brave

Finish the single player campaign on Deathwish difficulty.

Signal To Noise

Enter the Broadcast Center without detection.

Cooking With Gas

Destroy a Seeker with the gas trap in the HUB.

Safe and Sound

Complete the upload sequence and escape the Broadcast Center without using a health kit.


Clear the bandit camp without taking damage.

Death by Boom

Kill 2 KPA guards in the compound using explosive canisters.

Take me out

Perform 30 takedowns on KPA snipers.

Practical Mayhem

Deploy an active skill in a mission, and have at least one other player use the results.


Donate more than one Molotov to the Resistance in the HUB.


Jump across the stepping stones without hitting the water.

Swamp Fox

Get 4 or more kills whilst in mud.


Collect 6 journals.

Do you like to play with FIRE?!

Set 5 Bandits On Fire.

Swan Song

Destroy the last surviving rubber duck.

Professor Mayhem

Purchase 4 different active skills across any number of Resistance Mode characters.


Collect 6 Journals.

Learn Me A Book

Collect 10 journals.

Duck Hunt

Destroy 9 Rubber Ducks.