Monster Monpiece achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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The Adventure Begins...

Novice General

Storming the Castle

The Thrill Of Victory...

Flawless Victory

The First Card...

Kunaguva Cleared

Secrets of Fusion

You Got the Touch...

Combat Neophyte

Skilled Fingers

Thrilled Otton

Ginuma Cleared

Deft Hands

Talkin' 'Bout Training

Hollowlo Cleared

Average General

Ho Kaido Cleared

Excited Otton


Ki Outo Cleared

Veteran Warrior

Card Collector

10K Titan

Fukuruko Cleared

Otton Burst!

Master Tactician

Okinava Cleared

Tokio Cleared

Rubbing Expert

Legendary Leader

Genius of Love

Rubbing Master

Hail, Conquering Hero!

Si Ku Ork Cleared


Compulsive Card Collector

Monster Monpiece Master