Agony achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Nice try

Try to push an onoskelis to the pit

Wait for me my Goddess!

Finish 1 level

Im thirsty!

Possess onoskelis

The force is with me

Possess a chort

Pact with the devil

Finish 2 level

There is always something bigger

Kill an enormous chort

To the sunset!

Finish 3 level

Im on fire! But i like it.

Possess an ifrit

Never ending Agony

Finish 4 level

The Scarlet Woman

Normal ending

Did I just bore him?

Survive Baphomet bossfight

Can I lick it?

Use a finisher on onoskelis as a succubus

Where are you, pet?

Finish 1 level as a succubus

This time, I will use elevator

Finish 2 level as a succubus

Heart breaker

Kill a chort as a succubus

Finally, a bath!

Finish 3 level as a succubus

Pull it out!

succubus ending

What a beautiful taste!

Finish 4 level as a succubus


Survive a level in Agony Mode

The great painter

Unlock all paintings

What have I done?

Unlock all comic pages

I found a job!

Unlock madman ending

You looks just like your father

Unlock all letters and notes

Let me see you

Unlock all characters in 3d viewer

It's a secret

Find a secret room

Your soul is mine!

Baphomet ending

I am enlightened

Unlock everything in gallery

Good and Evil

Good and Evil (Unlock Evil and Angel ending)

I have a beautiful soul!

Max out every skill

Demon slayer

Push and kill an onoskelis

Ice Age

I was born to rule!

Nimrod ending

The richest man in hell

Find 2 gold chambers

She looks good in red

Find 2 red chambers

Lara would be proud!

Find all secret rooms

Unforgettable journey

Unlock all achievements