Skilltree Saga achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Elemental adept

Learn 3 Skills

Mushroom Gatherer

Defeat 3 Forest Mushrooms

Novice Fighter

Defeat 10 enemies

Bug Hunter

Defeat 3 Mosquitos

Poor Slob

Loot 250 ducats from defeated enemies

Mushroom Defeater

Defeat 10 Forest Mushrooms

Hero In Training

Defeat 10 enemies without dying or fleeing

Fly Swatter

Defeat 10 Mosquitos

Proven Fighter

Defeat 50 enemies

Boss Basher

Defeat 2 bosses


Login for the first time

Wolf Tamer

Defeat 3 Frost Wolves


Loot 1000 ducats from defeated enemies


Defeat 100 enemies

Proven Hero

Defeat 25 enemies without dying or fleeing

Boss Beater

Defeat 5 bosses

Goblin scout killer

Defeat 3 Goblin scouts

Boss Hunter

Defeat 10 bosses

Sticky Fingers

Loot 2500 ducats from defeated enemies


Defeat 200 enemies

Archenemy of the Goblin scouts

Defeat 10 Goblin scouts

Frost Wolf Killer

Defeat 10 Frost Wolves


Loot 5000 ducats from defeated enemies

Goblin scout butcher

Defeat 25 Goblin scouts

Orc Wolf Killer

Defeat 3 Orc Wolves

Boss Destroyer

Defeat 25 bosses

Elemental knight

Learn 10 Skills

Orc Wolf Hunter

Defeat 10 Orc Wolves

Versed Hero

Defeat 50 enemies without dying or fleeing

Orc hunter

Defeat 3 Orc Scouts.

Orc Wolf Destroyer

Defeat 25 Orc Wolves

Orc Killer

Defeat 10 Orc Scouts.


Login 10 times

Orc Annihilator

Defeat 25 Orc Scouts.

Veteran Hero

Defeat 75 enemies without dying or fleeing


Login 20 times

Wise Hero

Defeat 100 enemies without dying or fleeing

Elemental master

Learn 20 Skills