Cloudberry Kingdom achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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I've Bought the Power!

Buy your first powerup

I Bet You Lost Count

1000! This is how many obstacles you have already seen

That Level Was Nuts!

Save a level code

Hero in the Making

Complete Chapter 2


Die 1337 Times

Danger Ahead

Complete Chapter 4


Score 500k in an arcade game

Look What You Have Done!

Watch a replay with 50+ attempts

The End of Infinity

Unlock every arcade game

The End?

Finish the Story

Jack of all Heroes

Reach Hybrid Rush level 50

Did You See That!?

Get to level 20 while invisible in Escalation

Cut the Cord

Finish a bungee level with 3 dead allies


Score 1.5 million in an arcade game

My Beard is Impenetrable

Complete a chapter without dying


Complete Chapter 7