Millie achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Serial Killer

Complete 3 levels in a row without restarting or going back to menu


Finish 5 levels without using the clock

Fast Runner

Complete 5 levels within maximum time


Use the clock 10 times in one level

Demolition Man

Use 3 distinct hammers on 3 distinct chipped walls in one level


Use the scissors 10 times in one level


Forcefully enter the one way street 5 times in one level using the beacon light

Ice skating

Make 10 turns on ice in one level


Collect all possible shoes in the whole episode


Complete the whole episode with 3 stars in every level


Use the teleport 20 times in one level

Four seasons

Guide Millie through 4 differently coloured teleports at the same time

Sky acrobat

Finish 8 of flying levels with 3 stars

Frequent Flyer

Reach the aviation school