Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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Get back to the Ark!

Return to the Ark!


Sent to the farm

Put 5 Zone Dogs 'to sleep'.

Take out the Zone trash!

Kill 40 Ghouls.

Thoughtful warrior

50% Old Skool

Collect 50% of Pripp's artifact wishlist.



Decommission 10 'Mechanical men.

Green fingers

Trap 10 enemies using 'Tree Hugger'.

My bad

Kill a crew member.

20 Seconds to comply…

And stay down!

Knock down 10 enemies using 'Hog Rush'.


50 Shades of death

Weapon smith

Improve 5 upgradable weapons to level III.


Not a myth

Reach Eden.

Fitness club

Lights out!

Not-so-tactical nuke

Demo thing


Kill an enemy by making the Pyro drop his Molotov.

The power of flesh

Possess 10 enemies with 'Puppeteer'.

Tea Leaf

Bormin smash!

Kill an enemy by knocking them off a high place.

Unnaturally successful

100% Old Skool

Collect 100% of Pripp's artifact wishlist.

King of the Forest

Convince Big Khan to join your crew.

Quicker than he looks!

Weed Killer

Ripley Would be Proud

Destroy 5 Pod Spawners before they release new enemies.


Collect 600 scrap.


Remember. The safe word is "Eden"

Om nom nom!

Use 'Corpse Eater' to interrupt a resurrecting enemy.

Pub Crawl

Complete all of Pripp's side-missions.

Freak Out!

Unlock all Mutations in each character's skill tree.

Frying tonight!

Kill 10 enemies using 'Chain Lightning'.

Tastes like chicken

Mad Hatter

Collect every type of hat in the Zone.


Turn 3 enemies at once into cover.


Collect every artifact in the Zone.


Kill 3 enemies in a row whilst invisible.


Collect all notes in the Zone.

Pfft! Too easy!

Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode (Any difficulty).


Taunt a crew member who is under mind control.

Home Run

Hit 3 enemies at once with Big Khan's Ground Pound.

QA have suffered!

Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on VERY HARD without losing a crew member.

Still too easy!!!

Reach Eden in 'IRON MUTANT' mode on VERY HARD.

Bush Whacker

Anti Vaxxer

Complete the SEED OF EVIL without using medkits.

Tough Nut

Complete the SEED OF EVIL in IRON MUTANT mode.

Zone Master

Obtain all achievements!

Northern Exposure