Bot Vice achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Fearless Thunder

Beat any stage without losing any cover object.


Get time rank A in any stage.

Clean Shooting

Beat Stage 3 without using grenades.


Beat any stage without using special weapons.

Boulder Dodger

Beat Stage 11 without getting hit by falling rocks.


Destroy 100 enemy projectiles using the saber.


Beat Stage 19 destroying all test capsules.

Dancing in the Beamlight

Beat Stage 13 without getting hit by the boss laser beam.

Rocket Wizard

Beat Stage 15 without getting hit by the boss air-to-ground missiles.


Beat the game!

The Ripper

Destroy 100 enemies using the saber.

Know Your Enemy

Beat Stage 5 without destroying the cars.


Beat Stage 14 without getting hit by poison gas.

Law AND Order

Beat Stage 1 without destroying any car by yourself.

Wind of Flames

Beat Stage 18 without getting hit by the Fungo Bot flames.

Deserve No Bullet

Beat Stage 12 without destroying divers during the boss battle.


Beat Stage 2 without destroying the green truck.


Beat Stage 23 destroying all statues.


Get time rank A in all stages.

Precision Mission

Beat Stage 8 without destroying the boxes yourself.

Reflex Masta

Beat Stage 16 without getting hit by the boss' flame blade.


Destroy 100 Fish Bot's bubbles.

Fan Fest

Beat Stage 17 destroying both fans.


Beat Stage 4 without destroying the bulldozer.

Scoot Shooting

Beat Stage 21 destroying 15 red flying bikes.

Vengeful Instinct

Beat Stage 20 finishing the boss just when he's invisible.

Hell Stopper

Beat Stage 10 without destroying the gas tanks.


Beat Stage 25 using no special weapons during the first round of the battle.

The Botfather

Beat the Extra Missions mode.

No Lab No Glory

Beat Stage 19 without destroying any test capsule.

Lun-Attic Nonsense

Beat Stage 25 using no special weapons during the second round of the battle.


Beat Stage 9, and let the trains hit 15 enemies!

Queen of Hearts

Beat all stages with 4 life hearts.