Between Me and The Night achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Why was it so dark?

Finish the tutorial.

It’s snowing…

Enter the Otherworld for the first time.

It seems like only yesterday.

Finish the house level.

I’m getting the hang of this.

Don’t get hit by enemies while in the Otherworld.

I can’t leave this here.

Forever young.

Put all the soldier and knight toys in their respective bases, in the House.

Welcome to the real world.

Finish the high school level.

A light at the end.

Finish the apartment level.

I don’t get it.

Finish the game.

Life is beautiful.

Yes, I can be here.

Let the Keykeeper catch you while holding the hall pass.

This is not the solution.

Find the 3 strange medicine bottles.


Complete the Thunder Rangers poster in the High School.

The harder, the better.

Complete level 3 of Generic Knight.

Don’t touch me!

Complete the house without being caught by any ghost.

Starting over.

Clean up the broken objects in the apartment.

You have… 6… new messages.

Listen to all the cassettes.

Let me do my thing.

Get to the end of 1000 Knights.