Dungeon of the Endless achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Waste Not Want Not

Stock 300 cumulated FIS.

Team Builder

Unlock a hero for the first time.

HR Boss

Own 4 heroes in the team for the first time.

Onward and Upward

Complete the first floor for the first time in a multiplayer game.

Basic Training

Win a game with the Escape Pod.

Elevator Song

After bringing the crystal to the exit, defend the elevator room for a full minute.

What's Behind Every Door?

Open each door in each floor in a winning game.

Everybody Goes Home

Never have a hero killed in a winning game.

Too Much Is Not Enough

Build 50 modules in a single floor.

Real Heroes Don't Pause

Never use pause in a winning game.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Escape the dungeon with a Guard, a Prisoner and a Native as your team.

Maxed Out

Level up a hero to level 15 for the first time.

The Other Great Escape

Win a multiplayer game.

Medpack Addict

Spend 1 000 Food by healing heroes in a single game.

Graduated Med School

Win a game with the Infirmary Pod.

Dust Hoarder

Never lose Dust in a winning game.


Kill each type of Hurnas mobs 50 times.

Science Fair Winner

Research all the modules (lvl 1) in a winning game.

Guns 'n Glory

Win a game with the Armory Pod.


Kill each type of mob 50 times.

Rocket Scientist

Research all the modules (lvl 4).

Soiled with glue

Win a game with the Organic Pod.


Win a game with the Library Pod.

Endless Day

Play during the Endless Day (01/21) and get this achievement.

Members Only

Win a game with the Escape Pod without recruiting additional heroes.

Endless Mining

Reach the 24th floor with the Drill Pod.

Mr Cleaner

Win a game with the Sanitary Pod.

Out of the Cold

Win a game with the Refreezerator Pod.

So much for the mission

Win a game with all of the members of the Rescue Team.

Champions' League

Win a game with each hero.

I Could Quit If I Wanted To

Open 10 000 doors.

Yearbook Editor

Complete the Album.

Grab 'Em All

Tamed all of the monsters, across any number of playthroughs.