Red Game Without A Great Name achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Finish First Level

Impossible NOT to achieve

Finish a level with 3 gears


Finish level with no deaths


Die for the first time

First of many, many to come!

30 deaths by spikes

Never knew you were into piercing!

Die 20 times in a single level

Wow, that's persistent!

30 deaths by gates

Try knocking

Finish 20 levels

Post office graduate

30 deaths by flying away from screen

Falling behind

30 deaths by vanes

You spin me right round...

Die 50 times in a single level

I would have given up long ago...

Finish 30 levels with 3 gears

Halfway through

Finish 40 levels

Senior post office employee

Finish all the levels

Delivery legend!

Finish 30 levels with no deaths

The valiant never taste of death

Finish 30 levels flawless

Nothing can hold you back!

Die 5000 times overal

You make a Pheonix look bad

Finish all the levels with 3 gears

Gears of Delivery

Finish all levels flawless

Flawless victory