Martial Arts Brutality achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Yellow Belt

Earn a Yellow Belt

1 Victory

1 Victory!

Orange Belt

Earn a Orange Belt

Massive Head Trauma KO!

Inflict a Massive Head Trauma KO!

2 Victories

Win 2 Victories

Red Belt

Earn a Red Belt

3 Victories

Win 3 Victories

Green Belt

Earn a Green Belt

4 Victories

Win 4 Victories

5 Victories

Win 5 Victories

Blue Belt

Earn a Blue Belt

Purple Belt

Earn a Purple Belt

Brown Belt

Earn a Brown Belt

10 Victories

Win 10 Victories

1st Dan Black Belt

Become a 1st Dan Black Belt

15 Victories

Win 15 Victories

Grand Master

Become a Grand Master

20 Victories

Win 20 Victories

5th Dan Black Belt

Become a 5th Dan Black Belt

Eagle Grand Master

Become an Eagle Grand Master

Shattered Spine KO!

Inflict a Shattered Spine KO!

Cardiac Arrest KO!

Inflict a Cardiac Arrest KO!

Blinded KO!

Inflict a Blinded KO!

Crane Grand Master

Become a Crane Grand Master

Suffocation KO!

Inflict a Suffocation KO!

10th Dan Black Belt

Become a 10th Dan Black Belt

Catastrophic Arm Trauma KO!

Inflict a Catastrophic Arm Trauma KO!

Tiger Grand Master

Become a Tiger Grand Master

Catastrophic Joint Trauma KO!

Inflict a Catastrophic Joint Trauma KO!

50 Victories

Win 50 Victories

Coma KO!

Inflict a Coma KO!

Viper Grand Master

Become a Viper Grand Master

15th Dan Black Belt

Become a 15th Dan Black Belt

Scorpion Grand Master

Become a Scorpion Grand Master

75 Victories

Win 75 Victories

Catastrophic Leg Trauma KO!

Inflict a Catastrophic Leg Trauma KO!

Massive Internal Bleeding KO!

Inflict a Massive Internal Bleeding KO!

Panther Grand Master

Become a Panther Grand Master

20th Dan Black Belt

Become a 20th Dan Black Belt

Bleed Out KO!

Inflict a Bleed Out KO!

100 Victories

Win 100 Victories

Lion Grand Master

Become a Lion Grand Master

Mantis Grand Master

Become a Mantis Grand Master

Wolf Grand Master

Become a Wolf Grand Master

Dragon Grand Master

Become a Dragon Grand Master

30th Dan Black Belt

Become a 30th Dan Black Belt

40th Dan Black Belt

Become a 40th Dan Black Belt

50th Dan Black Belt

Become a 50th Dan Black Belt